Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween Soup

Today Judah & I tried a game on my laptop that he enjoys on our PC. My laptop has a touch screen, which is great because it eliminates the step where he would have to look away from the screen to the mouse or keyboard on a non-touch screen. This really gave him the opportunity to only have the challenge of the game and not the added challenge of the mouse and keyboard. I was hopeful, but unfortunately the game didn't go so well. It will take much practice. Later I discovered that he was going to be more responsive to art today. I drew pictures of items I knew he could say on the sidewalk with chalk and labeled them. He watched me draw each one, looking somewhat intrigued. He said all but two of them, with no direct prompting from me. The two he didn't know were probably the result of my mediocre chalk art ability. My Lightning McQueen was decent though. He really studied that one. Note to self: Sidewalk art seems to be something Judah enjoys & can learn from.

Judah & I took the dog out front while Willow was napping. Judah held the leash. He did pretty well hanging on, although he did get pulled down face first into the lawn & dragged a bit one time. He hopped up laughing & smiling. Pixie bolted when the UPS truck parked across the street, which resulted in Judah dropping the leash. My phone crashed to the ground as I dove into the street to grab the leash. I swear the UPS truck must look like a gigantic dog treat to dogs. Pixie will do anything to get to it.

We spent more time outside when Sebastian got home from Gramma's. At this point I feel somewhat comfortable watching all 3 of them on my own in the front yard. Sebastian & Judah I really don't have to worry about much. They just chase each other around most of the time. They both seem to be pretty aware of the street and usually step back in the yard when cars pass by. Little sister, on the other hand, I have to keep a watchful eye on. She thinks it's funny to run away & sometimes attempts to go into the street. I have to be quick on my feet around that kid!

Sebastian showed us how to make his "Halloween Soup", a creation he had come up with at Gramma's today. He poured water into a large bowl, cracked an egg & dropped in the yolk. Then he threw in some sticks & leaves that we had found outside. He instructed Willow & I to pick out things we wanted to add to the soup. I threw in a small toy. After that he picked the items, which apparently were supposed to be things that were edible, ha! He was very polite to me about my mistake. Willow sat on the counter the whole time, stirring the soup & stealing a taste a few times (yuck!). Sebastian added things like milk, ice, flour, honey, syrup, rice and more. It was pretty spooky stuff! We actually just stepped outside & got very spooked. There is something on the balcony a few houses that looks like a person dressed in white from head to toe. It looks like a ghost to me, but Sebash thinks it's a mommy (mummy). Needless to say, we headed inside immediately after.

We're up late watching Tom & Jerry and stepping outside to look at "night" every once in a while. Tomorrow is school pictures day. I'm a bit worried about Sebastian getting the money to the photographer. I'm hoping the teacher will be on top of that business. We will have pics to share soon!! Judah will get his done in the Spring. I put in a request to his teacher, otherwise they wouldn't have done them!

Daddy's home, bedtime.

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