Sunday, September 22, 2013

Skyping in Spanish

Judah has been constipated all day. He says, "Help! Help!" over & over. We called the nurse to get advice & have used most of her ideas. I hate seeing him like this. It's been an issue the past few days.

Willow is still talking up a storm, using 2 & 3 word utterances. Her favorite thing to say is, "What's that?", as she is pointing to something. We'll tell her what it is, she will ask again about 5 more times, we'll continue to answer & then she will finally say what it is. It's interesting because Sebastian did the same thing when he was a baby! Today I was changing her poopy diaper & she pointed to it & said, "Trash! Ewwww!!!" She's had a runny nose & watery eyes all day. Her sneezes are kind of explosive.

Sebastian seems to be in good health, besides an occasional cough. Tomorrow will be the first day I drop him at the main door at school, instead of walking him in. I'm sure he will be fine, but he may be very nervous before it happens. We Skyped Meemaw & Granddad the other day (Susan's birthday) and he spoke more Spanish than I have ever heard him speak! He sang songs in Spanish & taught Meemaw how to say "How are you?" and answer with "Good" in Spanish. He let her know that she did good. I can't believe how much Spanish he has learned in 2 weeks! Later during the Skype when Scott & Willow were having a turn, Sebastian walked through the background stark naked, just casually heading across the room to ask me a question. It was so funny.

I bet I'm probably more nervous about tomorrow's drop off than Sebastian. If things don't go well I will end up carting the baby & 3 year old inside, and that went horribly, horribly bad last time. Wish us luck!

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