Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bath Time

When you can't go into the bathroom and lock the door without ALL THREE of your children crying as if they've just witnessed you falling into a live volcano, things are bad. You begin to wonder how things could have gotten to this point. Then you stop wondering because you realize there are 3 children trying to climb up your body. I wanted to take a bath after Scott got home. Basically I just wanted a break. Today was rough. I figured Scott could cook dinner, I could have a relaxing bath & the kids could play in the living room or watch TV. Sometimes I get reality confused with my dreams. Once the kids found out I was not going to be completely accessible for 15 minutes, our loving, playful home suddenly transformed into a wild uproar of screaming & tears  I filled the tub with water & got in. Within minutes, Judah was at the door, crying & banging on it. Eventually Scott took him away. This would be followed immediately by Willow at the door, screaming, crying & knocking on it, "Hello? Hello?", she would say. It was so hard not to open the door. Sebastian had a breakdown before I even entered the bathroom. He begged me not to take a bath, as if I was doomed for life if I entered the bathroom in privacy. Obviously you can probably guess that privacy in the bathroom does not happen for me during the day. I stayed in the tub for about 5 minutes & then the guilt got to me. I stepped out of the tub & opened the door to a sobbing Willow. She looked up at me, stopped crying & suddenly didn't know what to do. Ha! She didn't even ask me to pick her up. She just started following me around. When Judah found out that I was no longer behind a locked door he clung to me like a magnet. I held him in my arms and he held on tight, as if I might go in for a shower later. And Sebastian, well he said "hi" & didn't even get up from his chair.

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