Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family, Food & Kid Playing!

September is here. The school days are moving in closer. I don't feel prepared at all. Sebastian, of course, is not a bit worried. Each new day is just that to kids, a new day. The first day of school may just be a new day with new activities to him, I don't know. My recollection of Kindergarten is sparse. I remember the teacher walking the room, spraying individual mountains of shaving cream on the table, one in front of each kid. I'm not sure what they expected us to do with it. I remember a funny looking boy named Wylie. His creepy school photo continues to resurface in my photo collection, probably to this day. I don't recall being friends with him. I remember sitting in the hallway with some other kids, watching Sesame Street on tv. And that's all I remember! Sebastian's memory is excellent. I wonder if he will still have all the memories he has now when he is older. He can remember being two like it was yesterday!

Scott's mom made strawberry cake, my favorite. I'm eating it now - delicious! We did a lot of eating today. This morning we went to a barbeque at Nanny's. The kids spotted the trampoline as soon as we arrived. They jumped with their cousins & the little dogs while Amy (Scott's cousin) grilled. We were outside all of 20 minutes, thank goodness! The kids were prepared (smothered in sunscreen), but it was just uncomfortably warm outside. We relaxed indoors in the air-conditioning & visited with family after that. Usually when we visit Ada it's Christmas time. This is the first time we've been here & only packed shorts to wear! The visit at Nanny's was really nice, we met a few new people. It was a gathering full of family, food & kids playing everywhere. There was even homemade ice cream! Sebastian didn't remember his cousins but you wouldn't have known it! They all played together as if they knew one another well, running through the house & having sword fights with glow in the dark bracelets. Judah was especially energetic, rolling around on the floor, climbing the furniture & joining in to play with the other kids too. Willow sat in Nanny's lap to eat part of her lunch. She also played in the ice chest while Gracie talked to her. It was a nice time.

Later Willow & I napped while everyone else went to Wal-Mart. Sebastian came home with a new Transformers bike helmet & a new bike! Not long after, he went bike riding with Granddad. They rode 6 miles! After dinner Aunt Nancy & Uncle Arnold stopped by. They live right next door. Like the rest of the family, we hadn't seen them in years. They seemed pretty amazed by the enormous train track the boys had built across the house. After Sebastian told them about his new bike, Arnold started talking about the bike that he rides. It's from the early 70's and apparently is still in good shape! I thought that was really interesting. We will see them more during our visit. We will see the kids & Nanny more as well. I'm not sure what's in store for tomorrow, but three things are guaranteed - family, food & kid playing galore!


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