Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's Getting To Feel Like Oklahoma Here We Come!

Scott & I were up at 4:30 am to leave town by 6:15 am for a 9:30 am flight out of Portland. We made it to the airport and finally found a parking spot amongst what looked to be thousands of parked cars. Sebastian was eagerly awaiting the airport shuttle ride. He had been wanting to ride in an airport shuttle again for years. Today was his lucky day! He was so excited. The kids were fantastic on the plane. The boys watched a movie while Willow slept. It was pretty much the same for the second flight. We made it into Oklahoma in the early evening. On the drive to Ada Scott & I stopped for coffee. When we were on the road again Sebastian says, "Why did you have to stop for coffee?? Now it's dark out! We're all going to fall asleep back here!" haha. We still had an hour and a half until we hit Ada. Thankfully he doesn't have a good concept of time yet, so he didn't understand that we still had quite a ways to go. He had thought we would be getting to Ada in the daylight. He was soon content playing Angry Birds on Daddy's phone. We arrived at Meemaw & Granddad's around bedtime. Willow was pure exhaustion. Judah ran into the living room and said, "We're here!!". He was full of energy & completely at home. He was so excited to see Meemaw & Granddad & be in their home. Sebastian was excited as well. It wasn't long before he was asking Granddad where he kept the train track. After dinner the boys built a huge track from the living room to their bedroom. We stayed up until probably midnight (10pm Oregon time). Everyone slept like a rock! Sebastian was up by 8am (6am Oregon time!) digging holes with Granddad to plant about 10 flowers in the front of Granddad & Meemaw's house. The flowers they planted are bright yellow & add even more light to their beautiful home. Gosh I didn't even mention the house! It is just amazing, so beautiful. It's in a gated area away from traffic & has an enormous backyard. Scott & I have decided that Meemaw & Granddad have our dream bathroom. Personally I think the closet is even better! It's an absolutely gorgeous home, and it's definitely just that, home.

These are some Sebastian quotes I wrote down yesterday. I thought they were great.

There were some bumpy turbulence on the flight into Denver. The boys thought it was hysterical. There were definitely the only ones laughing on the plane! Sebastian says, "That guy is sure a crazy driver!"

As we were landing in Denver Sebastian looks out his window, turns to me and says, "Welp, it doesn't get any better than this."

We were walking through the Denver airport and I asked Scott what we were doing. Sebastian thought I was asking him and said, "We are looking for a place to get lunch. Okay, let's look for an ice cream place!"

Lastly, landing in Oklahoma Sebastian says, "It's getting to feel like Oklahoma here we come!"

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