Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Definition of Cutie-Pie

Update on Sebastian - He only had Tylenol once today & never had a fever. His temp was a few degrees higher than normal though so his body is still fighting it. I gave him medicine when I saw he wasn't doing so great. The majority of the day he was fine though. We pulled more weeds, went to play at McDonald's, he picked strawberries in the front yard & played on his plasma car. So he's been doing pretty well today! Some of you were concerned & texted, thank you for thinking of him.

Judah has been worrying me more than usual lately. He's hitting his brother, sister & the dog whenever he doesn't get what he wants. It's very hard to watch & control. Thankfully at this point I can predict when he is going to act out. I have no idea what to do to help him though. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have control over this behavior, but of course his siblings & people who stare at us in public don't understand that. Thank goodness I've stopped caring about what people think of me as a parent! Sometimes to find good help you need to find people that can directly relate to your issue. Unfortunately sometimes those people seem to be camouflaged in society, painted into the world so perfectly that you'd never know they were there. Being a parent means learning more about your child every single day & figuring out what direction to point them that is best for them. Sometimes I just wish someone could point US in the right direction. I really wish those camouflaged people would break out of the woodwork & lend a hand.

Tomorrow I'll take Sebastian to register for Kindergarten at Harritt, a Spanish immersion school close to us. He seems to be mostly excited about riding the bus but does have a big interest in going to a new school as well. He will miss the truck ramp at Buttercup, however he doesn't seem very sad to be moving on, which is awesome for us.

This afternoon Willow saw an old sleeper outfit Judah used to wear as a baby on the floor. She pulled her shirt up & said, "shirt", wanting me to help her get undressed. She said "pants" and pointed at her pants. Then she tried to get her diaper off as well! So I got her completely undressed, totally nude & she picks up Judah's baby outfit. I pulled it over her head & yanked it down as far as I could. It was much too small for her. The bottom of the pant legs hit just below her knee. I couldn't even button up the diaper area. It was pretty funny. She smiled big after I got it on her. She wore it around proudly, even though it was long-sleeved & probably really hot! She certainly is the definition of cutie-pie.


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