Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday sickness, bike riding & baby talk!

The grandparents took the boys today. They went out to Bauman's farms, lunch at Baja Fresh, Toys R Us to buy backpacks, lunch bags & a Planes toy for Judah (that he later played with for HOURS). They brought Judah home & took Sebastian to Wal-Mart to buy a kid's hammock. They got that tied up in their backyard & sent me a photo of Sebastian lounging. He did some tree-climbing there & made up stories with Grandma on the car ride. He ate a big dinner, got ready for bed & headed home only to find his brother laying in his bed with a fever. Poor Judah. He had a fever over 102 so I took off his clothes, laid him in bed & put a cold washcloth on his head (something my mom always did for me). He fought me kicking and screaming as I poured Tylenol and Ibuprofen down his throat. He started to doze off while Willow stood over him, stroking his hair. She said, "night, night" and closed his door. She is a very smart & sweet 20 month old. Today she was talking so much! I was holding her & she said, "Biper! Poo poo!" Sure enough, she had on a diaper full of poo-poo. When I talk to her she understands me. Today she ate & then asked to brush her teeth "chi chi", over & over. She loves brushing her teeth. I chased her around the yard a lot today. She also went with me to the gym while I got in a very quick 45 minute workout & she hung out in childcare. She's doing really well in there now, hardly cries at all! A gym with free childcare is awesome. After the gym we spent a couple hours hitting up yard sales. She enjoyed picking out shoes & clothes & running towards the street (or whatever direction I didn't want her going). I found some really cute, like new dresses for her. I also found a chart I can use for Sebastian to document his responsibilities for the week. I think we really need something like that. I've tried it before but didn't follow through with it, which was pretty sad because every once in a while he asks me when we are going to finish it. Again, another example of me starting something & not finishing it.. and this time I'm disappointing my own kid. We'll do it this time.

Scott is out grabbing dinner & a movie. He worked nine hours today - on a Saturday!! Tomorrow he will probably work the same. His work is doing a once-a-year upgrade this weekend.

Apparently Sebastian was trying to ride his bike without training wheels at Grandma & Papa's this evening. On Tuesday we will all head to the park & see if he can do it! I'm going to make a video of this milestone event. I'm excited.. we all are. So recently he started reading, tying his shoes.. and maybe riding his bike without training wheels. It's sad for me to see him grow up, but of course exciting to see all of his firsts as well. It's exciting to watch him sprout. He is a special, sweet, hilarious, smart kid that has touched all of our lives in so many ways. His positivity shines through us all. He definitely brings with him many gifts & "surprises" (his favorite thing to do - he makes you close your eyes, he does this all day long). We are very lucky.

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