Monday, August 12, 2013

Stuck at home.

Well, Sebastian is having symptoms pretty similar to what Judah bear had. Fever, medicine, 4 hours pass, fever, medicine. He really fought it today. He had a fever & tells me with his eyes half open, "Can we go ride my bike in the garage?" Kids don't want to be sick, they want to have fun. They live to LIVE. As adults we get sick and see it as an opportunity to get some sleep, do some reading & just have a break from life in general. I'd much rather have a kid's perspective on life.

We were stuck home today due to his illness. We made the best of it though. Judah & I played trains & cars, everyone colored (Sebastian liked that the most), we pulled weeds in the backyard (exhausting!), organized the garage, the kids played in the garage, we did a lot! Around noon we headed downtown & as I was pulling into a parking lot the car began to sputter, and then it completely shut down. Luckily it started back up on the first try. Scott came down & followed me home. I was very nervous about driving across the bridge! Fortunately he was able to get it to the shop & get it fixed. Apparently we have a slew of car problems. We've hardly had any problems with this car so maybe it was just time. Scott found out today that the tread on our truck's tires are at the point of being illegal. So we'll be replacing those soon, along with the brakes on the car. Just so much at once, but that's usually how it seems to go.

I had an awesome workout at the gym tonight. When the kids go to bed I head to the gym for a bit & get out my stress. It feels great & it's such a nice break.

Sebastian asked to lay with me today like Willow does. He laid with me & felt my hip bone. "What IS that?" he asked. I told him it was my bone & he says, "You need to see the doctor so he can push that back in." Ha ha!

Willow likes to pick up random bags, throw them over her shoulder and say very loudly, "Buh bye!". Then she'll walk towards the front door continuing to say bye. It's so funny. I need to get it on video soon. She really talks loudly sometimes & is very headstrong about getting her point across. Sometimes I can't figure out what she is saying & she gets very upset. She bends her knees & puts her face down on the floor crying. She will talk to us with such a serious look in her eyes, as if she is completely expecting us to understand her. I think all of our kids did that. It's the cutest thing. You have to wonder what they are saying.

Judah likes to pick up my bag & hand it to me. This is his way of letting me know he wants to go somewhere. He will start walking towards the door & say things like "go car!".  Willow & Judah both have their fun ways of getting messages across to us. They are smart little kids!

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get out beyond our backyard! We are all looking forward to it!

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