Thursday, August 15, 2013


Orphan Molly exclaimed to her best friend Annie, "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!". This was my exact feeling today, for Judah is having breakthroughs! It began during speech therapy today. He was focused nearly the entire time we were there. He began asking for help consistently and using two word utterances! This doesn't happen often. He was doing it over & over. It was so amazing to hear. He actually had fun during speech therapy. He was laughing a lot. Unfortunately this was our last day being lucky enough to have two people working with him during therapy. The intern is heading back to her job now. She was incredible at speech therapy. We got very lucky. Later today I was getting the bath ready & I asked him to get undressed. He started to take his shirt off. This too is a breakthrough! Typically I undress him. He knows how but he never does it at the appropriate times. Lately he has also been trying to put his own shoes on, another new action. He let me know that he wanted me to play trains with him for the second day in a row today. This is yet ANOTHER new occurrence. Of course I happily played trains with him. I've been trying to play one-on-one with him more, so that could have been what prompted him to request I play trains with him. When I was getting ready to go to the gym tonight he said what sounded very much like, "Don't go! Don't leave! Go away..". These of course are brand new two word utterances & so many at once! It's just been bursts of progress for him throughout the day. It feels like we are on a roll. This means that we need to work hard to keep him going & boost him with confidence as much as possible. He always smiles when we praise him. He loves it.

Willow was talking a lot today too. She has been repeating Judah a lot lately. Tonight in the tub he said "ew". So she repeated him and said "ewwww!!!" right in his face. She continued to say "ew" hoping to get another response out of him. She thought it was so funny. She also called Pixie by name after she heard me calling her. Again she was smiling. She thinks things like that are so funny. When I try to get her down for a nap her sense of humor just explodes. She thinks everything is funny & will do whatever she can to try & get me to laugh (and avoid the nap too I'm sure). Yesterday when we were playing I told her & Judah to put their socks on. She walks over to Judah, looks him in the face & says, "socks on!". She's very helpful.

We had a few sprinkles today. It hasn't rained in some time. Judah & I watered the plants in the yard while Willow took her nap today. I gave him a full watering can & showed him which plants to water. After watering each plant he would throw his arms in the air & say, "I did it!!", yet again another breakthrough!

Sebastian is registered at the dual-language school. We are going to start working on his Spanish at home to refresh his memory. He is looking forward to starting a new school. We asked to see the Kindergarten room while we were there but unfortunately it was under construction. We asked about him riding the bus & were told he can't because we are in a different school district, darn!! He was so looking forward to that. He took that news surprisingly well. He shrugged & said, "It's okay.". I'm trying to find out if he can ride Judah's bus since it's a Salem/Keizer bus. Otherwise I will be driving Sebastian to school while Judah rides the bus to the exact same place, seems silly.

I spent over 3 hours at the eye doctor today. Apparently there was only one eye doctor working today. I'm not sure what happened to the others. This is a big office with multiple waiting areas that takes a handful of eye doctors to run efficiently. All of the customers that I overheard talking were complaining about the wait time. Granted my visit was a bit more complicated than an eye exam, but I was told it would only take thirty minutes. Unfortunately I sat in the waiting area with my eyes dilated during the majority of my wait time. This meant that I couldn't read magazines or play on my phone. It was just like the olden' days when people sat for hours & enjoyed the "peace & quiet". It was boring as heck. When I finally did see my surgeon he filled me with confidence about the procedure. He answered all of my questions & gave me a paper listing all of the risks. After reading it thoroughly I felt like it was still a good plan. I'll be having the surgery soon.

Sebastian spent the day with Grandma. They brought home a zucchini bread that he made with her help. It is delicious!!

Hoping tomorrow that I will be able to list even more Judah breakthroughs in here! Very exciting!!!

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