Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lasik In The Morning!!

Today we went to the A.C Gilbert Discovery Center. We have a one year membership so I'm trying to take advantage of it. They have an enormous play structure. That in itself is worth the cost of the membership. The kids love it! They also have different houses with rooms filled with adventure & learning. They love those too. Judah's favorite is the train room. There's an old electric train that runs around on tracks built in a circle. The kids push a button & off it goes! Judah could watch that thing for hours. It is pretty cool. In the center of the tracks is a very well built scale model of Riverfront Park (an actual park within walking distance). We played at the Discovery Center for an hour & a half & it still wasn't enough time for them. There was a huge summer camp group there today. Kids kept getting lost. I remember thinking, "Wow they really need to get a better system.", and then I lost my kid. Sebastian went down a slide while Judah, Willow & I explored the large, wooden play structure. Before he ventured off down the slide I reassured him that we would find him at the bottom. But in the mass of children it took a while to get to him. He was upset & standing by an adult waiting for us. Poor guy. Other than that it was a fun time.

Sebastian had the incredible idea of cleaning out the car today, sigh. We pulled out all of the car seats, cleaned out all of the trash & miscellaneous toys, books, etc. Then we vacuumed the entire thing. Sebastian did most of the vacuuming. Today was one of the hottest days of the week. It was exhausting! But the car looks great now, the inside anyway. It was worth it. 

Tomorrow morning I go in to have my eyes permanently changed with a laser. The process itself takes minutes. It's the prep & post-op that take a while. The whole process will take about 2 hours & then I have to go home & sleep for the rest of the day. I really don't mind that part at all! They gave me a prescription for sleeping pills. I laughed on the inside when she handed me that. I never get a full night's sleep. I chase 3 kids around all day. I think I will easily be able to sleep without medication. I have to sleep for my eyes to heal. Supposedly by the next day I will be fine & able to watch the kids on my own. Scott is taking tomorrow off to take over my stay-at-home mom position. I love those days, when he gets to see what it's like for me all day long, haha.

This week we have been sticking to the schedule pretty well & getting in our outing every day. Now typically I would be nervous about taking them on so many outings. I usually have to mentally prepare myself & give myself many pep talks before we leave. However, Judah has done a 180 when it comes to outings. He rarely makes a fuss about leaving our outing & is so clingy that I know he won't run off & do something dangerous. Willow, on the other hand, she loves to run off. She thinks it's hysterical. Sebastian also sticks nearby. He's afraid of getting lost. We lived up to that fear today, unfortunately. I'm sure that didn't help any!

Scott & I are both feeling much better, thank goodness. He was feeling bad all night long. He had a fever this morning. Thankfully it all went away & he was able to get some work done. He worked from home today.

I'm going to go look through my Lasik paperwork & make sure we are completely prepared. I told Sebastian that I will be in funny glasses tomorrow. Then Scott says very seriously, "So when will you be in the funny glasses?" haha. We do that all of the time, use" kid talk" in our everyday conversations. We no longer go to the bathroom. We go to the potty, haha. And we don't think twice about talking like that - it feels very normal!

I'll try to get Scott to write in here tomorrow since I will be asleep.

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