Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hand, Mouth & Foot Part 2!

Sebastian complained of throat pain early this evening. He also said he couldn't walk. He always says he can't walk when he gets a slight injury or doesn't feel well. This time was much worse though. His whole body felt hot & he had a fever. He said his head hurt & his body ached. We had to carry him to bed. We called a nurse & were told to watch him for 72 hours. She believed it was viral, which means there is basically nothing you can do but keep him comfortable. So that's what we are doing. After his Tylenol kicked in he requested his favorite smoothie & told me exactly where Daddy kept the rainbow sprinkles. When your little one is sick you'll do pretty much whatever they ask because it's such a sad sight to see, makes you feel horrible. Needless to say he got the smoothie. He also got to spend time with Daddy, reading a Garfield comic in his bed. Later he started feeling a bit better, was up & around some, watched a bunch of home videos on the computer with his siblings & was chatting away like he was his usual self. I'm sure it's the hand, mouth & foot virus since his throat is hurting. I will keep you posted on how he is doing. Unfortunately we will miss our play date tomorrow. We haven't been able to go on many this summer since they are usually outdoor play dates. I tried a couple outdoor play dates but it's just too stressful with my three children. Some moms can do it but it's the most unrelaxing thing in the world to me! I'm sure we'll find many fun things to do around here. I'm working on a schedule for the kids. Judah's therapist has been recommending it, as have his teachers. Routines are good for kids. They give them a sense of stability. Hopefully we'll get that together soon.

Susan, Alvin & Dad be on the lookout for a package coming your way soon!

Judah & I spent a lot of time together while everyone else was grocery shopping today. We crashed trains, played outside, watched Cars (I recorded it on tv) and did much dancing. He loves dancing. Anytime music comes on during a movie he says "daaa!" and holds his arms up to me. So I pick him up & throw him around, jump up & down and dance all over the living room. It's completely exhausting but he loves it. He laughs & smiles the whole way through.

Willow did something funny this morning. I was digging through her random assortment of bigger sized shoes & came across & golden pair of flats. They had a tiny bow on the top & were very shiny. She saw them & instantly began to remove her usual blue sandals & demanded to wear them. This baby's got style, what can I say! Earlier this evening she put them on and said, "Daddy!!". She really wanted him to see. She was wearing them around with only a diaper & a t-shirt on. She's very proud of her shiny Dorothy shoes.

I guess that's all the news for now. It's been a good weekend. Scott is cooking burgers & we'll be catching the latest episode of Big Brother (our guilty pleasure) over dinner. We watched Shadow People last night. It was a great time to catch up on conversation & snuggle time with my husband. Awful movie. Next time we'll try Magic, Magic with Juno Temple & Michael Cera. At least there are people we recognize in that one. That was actually my second choice last night. If any of you have seen it please feel free to post your review!


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