Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shoulder Rides

Today I washed, dried, folded & put away a mountain of laundry. This was mainly to get a start on packing for our Oklahoma trip. It's hard to believe we will be leaving so soon! What's even harder to believe is the school year beginning in 2 weeks. My heart aches a little when I think about Sebastian starting Kindergarten. When he was little he always said that he wanted to stay little forever. That too makes me so emotional! He has such a fun, knowledgeable, beautiful spirit. It's hard to let him go. I can't even fathom the thought of him entering 1st grade. And Judah, I'm hoping that he will enter into his school year with ease. He'll be in the same classroom with the same teachers. I'm hopeful that will make the transition from fun summer to school time smooth. The bus ride will be a positive reminder as well. He loves the bus. Watching his growth over the summer has been nothing short of amazing. His sweet spirit is angelic. He's like no one I've ever met. I will miss him dearly.  And Willow, well I'm holding onto her forever. She's so funny. And smart! She picks up on things so quickly. She understands what I say to her almost all of the time. It's incredible that such a young little person can soak up so much knowledge & social ability in such a short amount of time. She's our last baby. It will be impossible to let her go. I may need to home school. ;)

Willow discovered "shoulder rides" today. Grandma & Papa came over to pick up the boys this morning & Sebastian of course requested a shoulder ride from Papa. Grandma then offered one to Willow & was probably a bit surprised that Willow immediately understood & pointed to her (Grandma's) shoulders, letting her know she too wanted a ride. After that there were baby giggles throughout the house. We ended up giving her many shoulder rides today! She learned to say the word "ride" pretty instantly. She woke with a fever after her nap this afternoon. We gave her Tylenol & not long after she was back to her busy little self. Scott was out running around a lot so I had much baby time today. She constantly changed from one activity to another, never missing a beat. It was nearly impossible to get anything done. She is somewhat exhausting, but so much fun to be around. Her positivity is addictive.

While Willow & I were busy doing literally one thing after another, Judah & Bash went to Super Bounce with Grandma & Papa. They, of course, had a blast. They love that place. Grandma texted me a couple pictures of them going down the big slide. They were going so fast they were a blur! Luckily it wasn't crowded there today so I'm sure they got to do all of the bouncing they wanted to. They ate lunch at Baja Fresh too, their usual joint. After they dropped Judah off I think Sebastian went bike riding with Papa. Both the boys ate a lot today, probably in lieu of all the energy spent playing. So it was a good day for them.

Willow's fever came back again this evening. It was pretty easy to get her down. She's just like the boys, even with a fever she pushes hard to play.

We are shooting to be packed up & ready to go by Thursday. Scott games Wednesday & Friday nights so we won't be able to get much, if anything, done those evenings. The kids will be helping me get everything together. I know Willow will want to pick out all of her outfits, and of course Sebastian will too, but not as much as her. Judah will help pick out the toys, books & movies to bring.

Grandma is getting Sebastian tomorrow to work on his lessons. I think Papa may be taking him miniature golfing as well. By Tuesday we should be back on our schedule. I've got to come up with some new outings for them this week & some new lessons for Sebastian. They love trying new things, which helps a lot.

"Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate." - Anonymous

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