Friday, August 30, 2013


Packing, packing tonight. Did we remember everything? I guarantee we did not. Thankfully we will just be in a different city where there will be stores. I'm looking forward to some book reading on the plane (hoping the kids sleep!!), an adventurous day at the airports & just overall easy travels. Our last trip as a family was one of the most eventful, stressful trips I've ever been on. It was such an emotional roller coaster. That was over 3 1/2 years ago. We agreed at that time that we would not be traveling as a family again for a long time to come. It feels like the right time to give it another go. Granddad & Sebastian have bike riding to do. Willow has many new milestones to share. Judah has growth to share & play time to catch up on with Granddad & Meemaw. Scott & I just need a break! We leave Portland mid-morning & get to OK around dinner time. It will be a full day of travel. It will also be a week of memories that we will capture in our minds, stories & photos. Here's a poem I found about family vacations.

The places we have gone to
and the trips that we have taken
Photographs of love and laughs
of another family vacation.

It doesn't matter where we go
as long as we're together
At different ages, on these pages-
we'll be on vacation forever.
Author: Gina Marie Lauchner

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