Monday, August 5, 2013

Sick boy.

We weren't able to go anywhere today, but Sebastian & I got a lot done around the house. Every 4 hours today Judah had a fever. The Tylenol lasted 4 hours & then like clockwork he was knocked down again. Poor kid. At dinner he just curled up in his chair and hid. Tomorrow morning he will see the doctor. Sebastian was sick throughout the night last night. He puked in his sleep and didn't even wake up! Today he was all better. Needless to say we are exhausted with sickness in this house. I just feel so bad for Judah.

Sebastian & I made Grandma a card today. Willow & Judah played in the stickers. Judah ended up with little Cars stickers on his legs. Willow had them on her face, intentionally. :) She is such a character. Tonight she took off her shorts & tried to get her shirt off. She found me & demanded a bath. It was completely spontaneous & hilarious.

Big life moment last night - I cleaned out & organized our closet. It took hours. I ended up getting rid of about 12-16 pairs of shoes & a pile of skirts. I have more to donate, that was just a smidgen. It's a lot of work but I LOVE the feeling of being organized. I'm hoping to ride out this journey to have an organized life & a fun pursuit of my goals. Not just for me but for my family too. We model our parents. Being scattered and cluttered isn't a healthy example to set for them. And it's a hard way to live! We want to teach them strength, confidence, loving others, loving yourself & living well.

Tonight Scott & I are watching some brain-numbing television, the Bachelorette. Why anyone would want to go on this show is beyond me. A bunch of men sign up to date the same woman. At the end there is a marriage proposal. It's probably one of the unhealthiest ways to go about finding love & getting married (very quickly). But it's late night entertainment & easy to wind down to. Our evenings are so different now. We eat family dinners. I've started cooking dinner. After that I go to the gym unless Scott has plans. Scott puts the kids to bed & then I am back home to unwind with him. Now I just add a little blog-writing to the mix & it's a very full night!

Keep Judah in your thoughts. He is worn out from being sick. He's the biggest sweetheart ever. All I can do is snuggle him & want him to be back to himself. I'll post an update on him tomorrow.

Goodnight, live well.

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