Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hand, mouth, foot.

We took Judah to the doctor this morning & he was diagnosed with the hand, mouth, foot virus. This is a new one to us. Since it's viral it just has to run it's course. I do think he is getting better though. His temp was around 100 most of the day today & he seems much more energetic & happy. He was even talking more today! He told me a couple times, "Look Mom!" We sat down & looked at photos & he would say an appropriate word for nearly every photo. It's so exciting to me when his progress is so clear.

Sebastian made cinnamon rolls & bread from scratch with Grandma this afternoon. She said he did very well on his reading. On Thursday we are heading to the park to try out riding his bike with no training wheels! Should be exciting. He's had a lot of firsts lately. He recently started tying his shoes & also recently started reading. He has been able to do sight words for a long time, but he is actually sounding out complete words better now. Not long ago I found him in his room with scissors. "What are you doing??" I said. He told me in a very calm & confident manner, "I'm cutting the tags off my new tie shoes." So I let him be. I didn't want to crush his confident spirit. I was sort of waiting for him to call me into his room & ask for help tying his shoes, but eventually he came out & stood at his door with both of his shoes tied! "Where did you learn to do that?" I asked. "From you," he said. That was such a sweet moment. I'll never forget it. He was so proud. He tied his shoes for Daddy & Grandma that afternoon. Scott was shocked - and it's hard to shock him! He was a proud Daddy for sure.

Willow is amazing me lately. She understands so much! And her words are getting to be much clearer. It's really exciting to be able to communicate with her at only 20 months old! Since Sebastian spends the better part of Tuesday & Thursday doing projects & reading with Grandma, Willow & Judah have had much more bonding time. Today they were taking turns climbing up the slide & then jumping into my arms. They did that for quite a while. I'm trying to get Judah to share his toys with Willow when he is playing with them. This is very difficult for him to do. He rarely does it. Taking turns is something that is very important for him to learn. He loves to play on my phone. He's very good at it too. When I tell him it's my turn I usually have to pull it out of his hands. Then he will often hit someone, throw himself to the floor, etc. He gets very upset. Today he was playing on my phone for quite a while & when he was done he brought it over to me & handed it to me. He hardly ever does that. Again, clear progress. The more you work the better it gets- as with most things in life. Making the time to work is crucial. After all, it only ends in excitement & happiness, and that's the best way to see your kid. :)

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