Thursday, August 8, 2013

Like Riding a Bike

Very bittersweet moment today, Sebastian started riding his bike without training wheels! We had attempted this before quite a while back but he just wasn't ready. So now, a month after his 6th birthday, he seems more than ready as he hopped on & basically took off! He would ride little by little & then take his feet off the pedals to keep his balance. By tomorrow I suspect he will be zipping down the street racing the neighbor kids. I made some videos at the park today of him riding. I will try & post them on here soon.

Judah seems to be talking more. We've been trying for a while to get him to say "want" and then whatever he is wanting at that time (usually it's my phone). He will say "want" and then will say "phone" when prompted. Today he wanted to hear the Cars cd in the car on the way home from the park. He kept saying "cars". I knew what he wanted & told him I would put it on. He then grabs the cd case (which he's never done before) and we find the cd together. THEN he says "want cars!" He did it! Today he picked out train tracks he wanted to use & I helped him put them together, even though he is really good at that kind of stuff. It's just important to give him as much one-on-one as we can. He benefits from it a lot. Later we dug through all of the movies looking for Cars. He was very sad that we couldn't find it, a bit of a meltdown (which I don't think he can control) and then just sad. The Cars movie is a staple in this household. It's also hard to keep in good condition with so many kids. I think we were on our 4th copy. We'll be on our 5th soon enough.

Gosh, it seems like Judah said more today but I just can't think of it. He definitely is trying to say more. I'm straining to make sense of what he is saying & heard a lot of responses from him today that made complete sense. I will have to write them down throughout the day tomorrow.

Sebastian spent the day with Grandma - sounds like they played outside a lot & he did well on his reading. She really enjoyed the letter he wrote her. She sent an email telling me that I was a good mom, haha.

Willow & Judah are bonding even more. They sit at the counter to eat together now. At the park they were following one another around, climbing the play structures together & always seem to be slightly watching after one another. It's very sweet. Yesterday when Sebastian was yelling at Judah about his track getting broken he announced that Judah was not his best friend anymore. I remember thinking, "Judah is his best friend, I love that!!" Kids are ever-changing, exhausting & very loving creatures, that's for sure.

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