Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scavenging For Colores

Sebastian & I just got out of 2 hours of Kindergarten orientation. I got all of my questions answered.  Sebastian got to meet his teacher & play with some kids during most of the meeting. Many of the kids he played with will be his classmates. I'm just flabbergasted by how cool & confident he is about this huge transition. He is about to start a brand new school & leave the one he was at for 3 years. On top of that, he's getting ready to be immersed into a new language, Spanish. From day one he will have a teacher who will be speaking to his class primarily in Spanish. Does this not sound stressful??! I'm soo sooo sooo relieved that he is taking this on with stride. "Come on Mom!" he says to me as I am fumbling to get my stuff together outside of the school. I'm a nervous wreck!

Judah turned to look at me nearly every time when I said his name today. He understood when I would ask him to come with me, and was usually pretty cooperative. He really loved the praise I gave him for making more effort to get dressed & undressed. With lots of praise I think he will get that down soon. He asked me for help when his diaper was poopy. He's never done that before. He will now say, "want phone" instead of just "want" and then being prompted for "phone". He started saying, "want chip" completely on his own. I heard a lot of that one today. This afternoon he rode on the tricycle for the longest he ever has. Willow & I pushed him from behind. He still isn't pedaling but he was trying! Judah & I played cars for a long time today, re-enacting scenes from the Cars movie. After that he kept asking me throughout the day to play cars with him. So lots of cars playing today! He seems interested in what I'm eating for dinner. He will lean over the table & look at my food. I will offer him some & set a small amount beside his plate. He hasn't snatched it up yet, but I'm hopeful that milestone may be upon us soon. His diet has expanded some, but it seems to be variations of things he already likes. We just have to keep trying! That's how it is with raising any child. Once you figure that out you just have to be committed & keep on track with pursuing their goals. If you do this the difference you will eventually see will be dramatic. I'm constantly reminding myself of this, and reminding myself that I have seen this in our children. It really does work.

Sebastian made a haunted house in his bedroom this afternoon. He turned off his lights & invited me in. I was holding Willow. The dog joined in as well. As soon as we walked into his room he popped out from underneath his bed & started roaring with his hands in the air as if he was going to claw us. It scared the crap out of Willow & the dog. For the next haunted house he wanted to have a monkey swinging from his ceiling. He advised me not to bring Willow this time. So we tied the fabric belt from my Hello Kitty bathrobe to a hook on his ceiling. We tied a plastic chair at the end of the belt. That's about all we accomplished. Of course he wanted to sit in the chair but I couldn't allow that. He always has wonderfully creative ideas, & he is never crushed if they are ideas that I can't allow him to do. Instead he just comes up with a different idea. He's also very into climbing. Today he climbed to the top of the refrigerator. When we got to his new school this evening he nearly climbed to the roof of the car - I had to stop him. His bike-riding skills have flourished in no time at all. He rode up the driveway & through the yard many, many times today. Judah was fast on his tail, chasing him & laughing. They had lots of fun. Willow was just trying to avoid being hit. At dinner we had pasta with vegetables. I explained to Sebastian that the broccoli were like little trees. Then he told me, "Yeah, I never thought of it like that before. It's like a little tree with branches I could climb on." haha. While we were sitting in the school library waiting on orientation to start he was persistently looking for my phone in my purse. I covered my purse with my hand & told him he needed to stop. He looked me in the eye and said, "Do you really want to fight this fight?" hahaaa. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. He still says things incorrectly. He says dream for drain, ome for gnome, Flamesha for Felicia, and more. He asks me to "carve down" spider webs. I can't bring myself to correct him. His words are so endearing, as are his unique noises. He makes a siren noise when there is an "emergency". Then of course he will yell, "Emergency!! Emergency!!" Today we got to experience this because the toilet was clogged. It's never anything major, but it seems to be to him. There are too many Sebastian noises to list. They are great though.

Willow did lots of watering outside today. Mainly she watered the sidewalk but she really enjoyed it. She was upset (and soaked) when we had to go inside. I'm really starting to figure her out. If I hand her the food in this manner she will eat it.. If I talk to her in this manner she won't run away, etc. Sorry sweetheart, Mommy's got your number. ;)

Sebastian did so well on his Spanish lesson today. I wrote a little story about it. See below.

So I’m walking down the street with my daughter in my arms, minding my own business, when a large group of teenagers in fluorescent yellow shirts passes us. Before I know it they have turned around & are running directly towards us! They start yelling, "Ma'am!! Excuse me!! Ma'am!!!" Thinking I'm in some kind of immediate danger I am not aware of, I stop to hear what they have to say. "We're doing a scavenger hunt & have to find someone in pink shoes," they tell me. I look down at my grey sneakers & look up at them confused. Then I realize my daughter has her pink sandals on, so I sign their paper. "Woo-hoo!" one of the girls screams, completely stoked that they have checked off one more item on their list. This obviously gets me thinking about scavenger hunts & remembering how much fun they were as a kid. So today as part of Sebastian's lesson I took him outside & asked him to find the 12 colors he is learning in Spanish. He had so much fun that he wanted to do it twice! We spent an HOUR working on his lesson & he was interested & excited the entire time! The enticement & delight of scavenger hunts is truly timeless.


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