Monday, August 19, 2013

Super Bounce!

Last night I made flashcards on the computer for Sebastian. Each one was a picture of a family member. On the bottom it had their place in the family, mother, father, etc. On the top that word was translated into Spanish. We went over them this morning & he thought they were fun. We played some Spanish games on the computer that were geared towards learning the family members in Spanish. Later he wrote out the family members in English & we worked on their translation into Spanish. Grandma is going to work on this with him tomorrow as well. Today he seemed to enjoy it - that's always a plus!

After his lesson this morning we went to a place in North Salem called Super Bounce. It's basically a building filled with different kinds of bounce houses. They loved it! There was a gigantic slide near the entrance that the boys couldn't get enough of. That was the only one Willow wasn't tall enough to do. She enjoyed all of the other smaller slides though. There are some really interesting bounce houses out there - who knew! Some of them were like obstacle courses, one had an inflated basketball hoop inside & balls to use & another was a pirate ship. They were really cool! We did that for an hour. At that point the kids were sweaty, pretty much ready to go but still smiling ear to ear.

This afternoon we made a birthday card for Grandma. I traced all of the kid's hands & used them to make butterfly wings. We turned it into a butterfly, decorated it & Sebastian wrote out the card that we attached to the bottom. It turned out pretty cute. Later that evening we went to see her & celebrate her birthday. Willow & Judah relaxed in the hammock for their first time. Willow absolutely loved it! The kids had a big dinner there, baths & went home completely ready for bed. Unfortunately Judah didn't go down until 11pm but the other two passed right out!

Tomorrow we are going to brave story time at the library. I'm hoping for some mild kid behavior. It only lasts 30 minutes & then we usually go to their Discovery Room to play. We just haven't been in a while. It will be a cool outing for them to do in the morning.

I'm off to work on the ant problem. It's so gross!!!


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