Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Should Be Packing.

Just a quick post this evening as I should be packing for Oklahoma! Scott won't be around tomorrow night so there's a chance I may not be able to get much done.

Judah had a great speech therapy today. The therapist commented that he did not immediately sit in my lap like he always does. I didn't even notice, but she was completely right. He didn't sit in my lap until near the end of the session when he was getting tired. There was a new intern there today. It may have been that he was a man but Judah seemed like he wanted to hug him when he saw him. He acted the same when we were leaving. Judah was being very patient during the session & playing very well. He was extremely comfortable & said some new words for the therapist. He heard a train outside & said, "train!". Then he jumped up on the chair to look for it out the window. It was a really good session. He had a good day at home too, lots of initiating interactions with me & a great job dressing & undressing today. He was interacting with his sister with eye contact, holding her hand to help her get to the car & smiling at her too. That was very unusual, but very awesome. Unfortunately she didn't take to this change very well.

Sebastian is such a problem solver. He's quick too! I've noticed lately that he can solve problems better & faster than Scott & I!

Willow is still being her little hilarious self. She's still saying what her brothers say & has finally figured out how to wear my flip flops! Every day seems to be the best day ever to her. :)

That's it for now! Must pack!!

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