Saturday, August 10, 2013

Demands From a Little Person

Today started out pretty well. The boys went with Grandma & Papa to build airplanes at Lowe's. I went to a friend's yard sale in our neighborhood. Scott got our oil change done. I had time to go the gym before he took Judah to see the much anticipated movie Planes. Judah had such a busy day with Grandma & Papa that he got pretty tired watching the movie. Scott said at one point Judah laid down on the floor. Another time he sat on the floor & watched the movie through the space between the chairs in front of them. Overall he seemed to enjoy it & Scott said it was mostly an appropriate movie for little kids. There was maybe one scene that was violent. That's pretty good for a child's movie now a days. Although the old movies are pretty terrible too if you think about it. Pinocchio involves smoking, drinking, kids setting buildings on fire & more. Alice In Wonderland has a witch who likes to chop people's heads off. Old children's movies & stories, nursery rhymes & songs can be pretty graphic & awful. When you really think about their message they don't seem very sweet at all, but quite the opposite. Anyway, he thought Planes was okay for our kids to watch. There is a website we use often to get parental & children reviews of movies we haven't seen yet or don't remember, It's a good resource for parents & grandparents to have.

While Daddy & Judah were at the movie I spent much one-on-one time with Willow. This baby wouldn't give me a break!! Every 2 minutes she would let me know of something she wanted to do. Like I've said before, her communication is downright amazing. Today it was exceptional. I had a little adult on my hands, a demanding one at that! Of course we want to encourage communication & learning so I went through with most of her requests, unless they were dangerous. She's suddenly very interested in climbing & perching from high spots. She is somewhat rebellious in a way as she doesn't want to sit in her booster seat appropriately anymore, instead of eating at the table she prefers to walk around the house with her food in a bowl & a few other things. It's pretty cute. Her personality is blooming for sure. Her brothers are definitely an influence.

There was a thunderstorm during the late afternoon/early evening. That was exciting since we don't get those often. We get rain for sure, but rarely do we get thunder & lightning. The dog was either scared or outside barking at the loud noises. Willow was a bit scared but got used to it quickly. It was nice, very relaxing & nostalgic. I opened the windows & let the house fill with the smell of rain & the songs of nature booming away outside.

Scott just got back with a movie for us to watch, Shadow People. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow. He's making us French toast for dinner. The kids are sound asleep in bed. I love Saturday nights. :)

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