Friday, August 9, 2013


I can't even put into words how much in awe I am of our little Judah. He's such a beautiful, loving, happy child. He's beginning to use more words & is suddenly comfortable trying very many! Even phrases! He looks at us when we say his name now more than he's ever done before. Today Sebastian spilled ketchup on the floor at McDonald's. Judah looked down & saw it, grabbed some napkins from the napkin holder, bent down & cleaned it up! He decided completely on his own to do this & did it very naturally, like it was just something that needed to be done. I praised him very much, which made him very happy. It's so interesting to see his changes because we really don't know what to expect. It makes every minute with him exciting. He is an awesome kid.

Sebastian helped me wash a ton of dishes today. We also made pink lemonade cookies, his idea. Willow absolutely demanded to help. Honestly I didn't even think to see if she wanted to help, which obviously didn't matter because she was going to help no matter what. I stirred the dough & she repeatedly let me know that she wanted to be doing that! Like I've said before, she understands SO MUCH. I can ask her to do something & she will. It's amazing. She's just this little baby who learns at an incredible speed (as a lot of babies do) & knows everything that is going on. She communicates so well. She's going to be helping me out around the house very soon, I can see it now, haha! Sebastian is such a helper. If I turn something into a "job" most of the time he will want to do it & enjoy it. Something else I've learned is that if I say something with huge excitement in my voice it helps in many situations. Parents out there give it a shot! Or if the kids think I'm sad or feeling bad, they will also do most things at that time as well. Just a few tricks I've stumbled upon, completely by accident. ;) Sebastian has actually been begging me to mop the floors for weeks! It's just hard with 3 kids to get that one done. I do wonder when the cleaning won't seem fun to him anymore. Hopefully it lasts a while! The other day he vacuumed most of the house & had a great time doing it! Ahhh, extra help is so nice. Unfortunately I would need about 10 little Sebastians to get everything done!

Today we found out that Scott's Nanny was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I really can't imagine the devastation & emotional state his family must be in. Scott was shocked & sad. It must be like losing pieces of someone you love a little bit at a time. It must hurt that she can't do anything about it & would never choose to be going through that. It must hurt badly to know that you can't do anything to make it better. We are keeping the Ada family in our thoughts a lot. Nanny is definitely surrounded by people that love & care about her very much. She is a very strong woman - her past defines that well. She is a loving, generous woman who has taken on the task of caring for her great grandchildren out of love, she seems happy to do it - even though it has to be exhausting!! She has Sunday brunch at her house every week, and has been doing that for years. She feeds her large family & welcomes anyone with open arms. She did that for me. I can't imagine how scared & saddened & upset she must feel right now. She has worked so hard at making people happy her whole life & in turn has definitely made the world a better place. It seems so unfair that she would be faced with something that is pulling those memories from her, so very unfair. Our thoughts & love are with all of you in Ada.

With that said I'm going to try a little harder to bring love & happiness to the world like she does. She is inspiration. Honestly I don't even know her that well, but in the time that I have spent with her it was very easy to see who she was & I instantly admired her. We are all lucky to have such a beautiful woman, inside & out, in our lives.

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