Monday, August 26, 2013

When It Rains...

We don't have to water the flowers! When it rains we can turn the a/c off, open the windows & listen to the cars coasting through the streams of water on the street. When it rains the dog doesn't need to go out as much. When it rains Willow has a real reason to put on her brother's raincoats. When it rains we are forced to get creative with indoor activities.

Today was a light rain. It was a nice change in weather. My dad said they had a wonderful rainstorm in Phoenix. That doesn't happen often. Rainy days for all I guess. :)

The boys got in some outdoor fun before the rain. Sebastian rode go-carts & played miniature golf with Grandma & Papa in Wilsonville today. He got a very cute haircut too. Judah joined later for some park time. Earlier in the day Judah, Willow & I made parachutes with paper napkins & tied Judah's cars to them. Judah enjoyed flying his Mater truck around for a few minutes, then it was just too tempting to rip up the paper napkins/parachutes. Sebastian suggested using plastic bags for the parachutes next time, obviously a much better plan.

It's no secret that Willow and Pixie are best friends. Apparently man isn't dog's only best friend, who knew! Unfortunately this close bond that they have formed has led Willow to believe she is part dog. Often times she will curl up in the doggie bed inside Pixie's crate. Sometimes instead of giving Pixie her treat directly she will stick it in her own mouth first. Surprisingly she never looks disgusted. She just smiles. She loves to sit and play with the dog food. She crawls around like a dog, often with one of Pixie's toys in her mouth. Sometimes she gets on her knees and scratches at the door to go outside, just like we taught Pixie to do. I'm extremely curious to know what is going on in that little baby head when she's doing these things.

I noticed today that I can nearly always tell what Willow is saying to me, usually it's a request. She's only 20 months! Today was the first time she hardly cried in Child Watch. When I walked in to get her she got up from her seat, grabbed her snack, stopped to look at me and then headed for the door! As we were leaving she let me hold her hand on the stairs, but otherwise she wanted to walk on her own and lead the way! She was the same way when we went for a walk outside today. She's somewhat like a little adult, who sometimes pretends to be a dog.

Sebastian's school orientation is tomorrow. He has Kindergarten testing soon. I think I'm more nervous about all of this school stuff than he is! He's cool as a cucumber. I'm just feeling a bit disorganized and anxious! Keeping up with school activities and such hasn't proven to be easy for us in the past. Hopefully these things get easier with time. And maybe in time the baby will stop pretending to be a dog, who knows.

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