Wednesday, August 14, 2013

He Called Me Mom

Judah has been saying "ew" a lot today. This is new. I'm having a hard time getting all of them to eat. Judah is "ewing" at a lot of food. Sebastian is still sick. His tummy isn't needing much food. The other two just suddenly have no interest in anything they used to eat. Time to try out some new foods I guess! If they get hungry enough they should eat anything right? It's worth a shot. I would love it if we could expand Judah's diet at least.

Sebastian's face was slightly pink today as were his hands. The nurse I spoke to on the phone said it was most likely the hand, mouth, foot virus. She said if it wasn't then it was probably a different virus known as fifth disease. I have no idea what that is. He had a fever this morning but was fine the rest of the day. He spent most of the day with Grandma. They went to see Planes, then Papa came home & gave him lots of shoulder rides. It sounds like he had a pretty fun day.

I took Willow & Judah out for some play time today. At one point Judah couldn't find me and he yelled, "Mom!!!". This was very exciting to me because he rarely calls me by any name. He has called me Mom on occasion, but it certainly hasn't been often. If someone were to ask me what he calls me I probably wouldn't even remember that he has called me Mom. So I'm guessing this is his name for me, which is really nice to know. He definitely teaches me not to take small things for granted.

Tomorrow Judah will have his speech therapy & later I go in for my pre-op visit. I'm having Lasik surgery done next week. I can't wait to be able to see without sticking something in my eye every morning! To wake up & be able to see, I can't even remember what that was like as a kid. It's probably going to be very strange, but I'm sorely looking forward to it.

Today's spontaneous haiku..

Sacred name unseen
Soaring through the sky and air
Caught today, it's Mom.

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