Monday, September 23, 2013

My Carpet Sandwich

Judah had a very happy day.

Judah has recently started letting us know that he wants to go out on the balcony when it's raining. He enjoys standing out there & feeling the rain. Today he wanted to venture off into the backyard. I knew he would have fun, so I didn't stop him. After all, mud washes out, sometimes. He had so much fun sliding down the slide & landing in the puddle at the bottom. Then he would try to climb back up the wet slide, sliding right back down before he could reach the top most of the time. I'm sure his rain time added to the happiness he was experiencing so much of today.

Judah did the sweetest thing today, and very out of character for him. I went to the car & I guess he must have dropped my sandwich on the floor while I was gone. I came in to find him on his knees, carefully placing the bun back on my sandwich (upside-down). He looked up to see me, patted the mayonnaise covered bun & said, "There!", as if he was saying, "All fixed!" Then he held the sandwich toward me and said, "Mom", because he knew it was mine. He took it over to my usual seat at the table, held it up to his mouth and said, "Mmmmmm!", smiling the whole time. He was acting as if he wanted to make sure I would still eat my sandwich. Maybe he felt bad about dropping it? Of course at that point I had to eat it. To see his progress was totally worth it though. Typically when he throws or drops something on the floor that's where it stays. And I've never seen him clean up food & try to put it back together.

Mid-afternoon I took Judah & Willow to the Discovery Center, which they LOVED. We spent most of the time in the train room. I was worried Judah would get upset when it was time to leave the room. I let him know in advance a few times that we were getting ready to go. Eventually I told him it was time to go and he really surprised me. He threw his fist in the air, marched toward the door & said, "Let's go!!" Maybe he just needs adequate time to enjoy what he is doing and then he can depart with ease? I'm guessing that magic trick is something we won't be figuring  out anytime soon.

We played on the wet playground for maybe 10 mins before we left the Discovery Center. It was THEN that Judah refused to leave. He would not let me pick him up and kept trying to run away screaming, "No! No! No!" I knew I wasn't getting off scot-free! This time the promise of food eased him out the door. I try not to use food as a reward, but I was honestly just telling him what we were doing next. And it worked (eventually)! He finally settled down & said, "Eat?" as if he was thinking, "Okay, I will go, but ONLY if we are getting food." And then we somewhat normally made it to the car. There were too many distractions along the way.

The reason we played on the playground for only 10 minutes:
While we were playing, Judah crawled through a small opening on the wooden play structure that I couldn't make it through. I told him to stop, but of course he kept going, and Willow followed right along! I dashed around the play area to get to the other side (where I thought they would come out). I couldn't find them anywhere! I heard Judah sounding distressed for a minute but then it fell silent. As I continued to yell out their names I climbed back up on the structure & found both of them, just hanging out together. I don't understand how neither of them were panicked (usually they are if they can't find me). They appeared to feel secure in one another's presence. It seemed as if they were just standing there, waiting on me to find them. Interesting, but very scary!!

This morning was Sebastian's first drop-off at the main door of his school. He did fantastic. It went even better than when I walk him into his classroom. He was very excited and said, "I'll be the first one to do this!" I'm guessing he was talking about being the first amongst his siblings. Regardless, he did awesome. Such a relief!!

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