Monday, September 16, 2013


Strep throat twice in one year?? Ugh, this is ridiculous. At least the body aches are mostly gone. The throat spray & ibuprofen help for the headaches & bad throat pain, but wear off 2-4 hours later. Yesterday was the worst. I couldn't even write in the blog. Tonight I'm starting to feel better. I think tomorrow I should be able to watch the kids. Scott had to take the day off work today.

Thankfully Gramma was able to get Sebastian to school & back home today. He had a great drop-off. She dropped him at the classroom door, she didn't even go inside the classroom. The teacher asked him in Spanish how he was doing & he very confidently said, "Bien!" Tomorrow his school is having a big picnic to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. I will be taking the kids. Gramma & Papa will join us there.

The doctor I saw today let me know that I had a viral illness. By his standards if it was not viral I would have other symptoms, like a fever. This made no sense to me because my kids have viruses all the time that are nearly always accompanied by a fever. His news was disappointing to me because, as any mom knows, viral infections are not treatable. You can only treat the symptoms. They are usually contagious as well. He took a throat culture anyway and assured me that they would not have results until 2-3 days later. This puzzled me as well, because the last time I had a throat culture done (when I had strep earlier this year) they were able to tell me during that visit that the culture was positive for strep. Today's doctor prescribed me lidocaine, which a pharmacist later informed us would numb my entire mouth. No thank you. Chloraseptic spray was instead my medication of choice. Lucky for me, this doctor was wrong about my untreatable diagnosis & my culture results. His assistant called me not less than an hour after I left & said that my culture had come back positive for strep. At least it's something I can take antibiotics for and I won't be contagious after 24 hours of starting them. I'm getting to know you a bit too well strep, it's time you move on to someone else!

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