Friday, September 27, 2013

"The truth of the story lies in the details." - Paul Auster

Rain off & on all day. The wet season has begun. We've discovered that our dog, Pixie, is not a rain dog. Although she does like to swim, she seems to have a real disdain for the rain. It's highly unfortunate that she resides in such a rainy place. Her plan of action is typically to wait until it's barely sprinkling outside & then dash into the yard. It seems to be working for her so far- we just end up taking her out 20 times a day!

Today I was worrying about my Judah. I think he knew that. He seemed to be doing as much as he could today to let me know that he will be just fine. I don't know if I've mentioned how closely he pays attention to detail. One time we had a Lightning McQueen (that he had never laid eyes on before) covered with a small blanket. We didn't realize that an inch or two of the car was not covered. It didn't take long before Judah spotted the red & got excited. He knew exactly what it was. Today I printed up a black & white photo of the potty chair in the bathroom.  It was a picture I found online. Since Judah takes to visual cues well I thought this might help with potty-training. He was excited when he heard the printer because sometimes I will print the cover of his favorite movie in black & white. He will carry it around all day. He even took one to school on Thursday and showed his teachers! Today it was very apparent that Judah needed to potty, so I showed him the picture of our potty chair and he followed me to the bathroom. That was easy! I set the picture down near the potty. He GLANCED at the picture, looked down at the potty & pulled out the purple piece on the side of it. Why? Because that was the ONLY difference between the photo & the real potty. Apparently his attention to detail is quick too! He's also pretty amazing at knowing the precise second in a movie that something is going to happen. He won't even be facing the screen & he can look at you and make noises that correlate to what's going on in the movie at that exact second. He doesn't have to see the movie more than once to do this. He will sometimes imitate a character's facial expression or body movement without looking at the screen as well.

Willow has been her usual funny self today. Tonight she was pumping her arms in the air & chanting, "Will..OW! Ju..DAH!.. Da..DA!" It was pretty funny.

Scott has all the kids out at the "big" McDonald's this evening. I talked him into it. Judah goes through phases. Not long ago he was terrified of the play areas at McDonald's. He would act as if he couldn't get back down from the Playland once he made it up a step. This was strange because weeks earlier he had loved those same play areas & seemed pretty fearless! He has very recently returned back to the fearless stage. Scott didn't want to go to the big McDonald's because usually he has to chase Judah around while Sebastian goes crazy in the Playland. I'm betting tonight will be different. Scott was very hesitant, but they went anyway.

Scott took Judah to his speech therapy for the first time today. I really wanted him to experience that. Since I was able to stay home with Willow, and Sebastian was in school, Scott could go on his own. Had I been there, Judah would have thrown a fit if Daddy tried to take him in. So we took advantage of today's situation & Scott had a good time partaking in Judah's special time. Judah's progress at home today was very apparent. His confidence was high & he was not clinging to me nearly as much. I can't say the same for Miss Willow. She thinks the top half of my body was built to be her carriage. Unfortunately, as she gets bigger this carriage may lose some wheels.

I'm home alone. Time for a bath!!

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