Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spider Bite!

Today was predictable- unpacking, laundry & a long trip to the grocery store. Scott is out picking up the dog from the kennel now. The kids were so good at the grocery store (he took all 3!) that they each came home with a brand new toy!

Sebastian wanted to go outside & ride his bike late this afternoon. I took him out & the other two kids joined. I pushed Willow on the small bike for a while & then later in the little red car. Judah ran. We all went around in a circle, up the driveway, down through the yard and back around again, over & over more times than I could count. Judah & Willow helped me water the plants. After Judah watered the little tree he took a break and sat underneath it, the leaves of the tree were in his hair. I bent down to check on him after a few minutes & caught him holding his hand out, staring at it. I looked at it & saw a spider on his wrist, no bigger than a nickel, with scraggly, skinny legs like a Granddaddy Longlegs. I also noticed a tiny bit of blood underneath the spider. I quickly snatched it up and squished it between my fingers. Judah started saying, "Ow! Ow!" as the spot on his wrist started to get pink. We washed it well with soap & water & called a nurse. Scott looked up spider bite first aid on the internet & we followed what he found. We elevated it, put a cold compress on it, gave him Tylenol & waited on the nurse to call. His pain went away not long after we gave him the Tylenol. Eventually the nurse called. She told us that we did everything she would have recommended. His bite looks like a barely raised oval, about 2 inches long & 1 inch wide. She said it may stay like that for a few days & to call back if anything got worse. He's reclined on the couch watching videos on my phone now, not a care in the world. This was our first spider bite. It was a bit nerve-wracking waiting on the nurse to call, not knowing if it was an emergency or nothing to worry about. Thankfully it was the latter!

Tonight is movie night for the kids. They picked a really old film to watch, Willy Wonka. They enjoy old Sesame Street too. Old or new seems to make no difference to them, they just watch what they like!

I've caught Judah trying to say so many new words today. It's pretty amazing. He's in awesome spirits & trying hard to communicate. It feels like we are at a turning point.

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