Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chocolate Delight To Top Off Our Stay!

A week of sunshine & memories made with Oklahoma family was so nice. Today Sebastian & Granddad took their morning bike ride. Arnold joined them. Sebastian picked up his morning donut along the way. Willow woke up with a runny nose & lots of demands for Mommy to get "up!". Judah had lots of play time this morning & gave me a great surprise when he approached me and said, "want phone". Meemaw is in the kitchen preparing yet another amazing dessert. We've had strawberry cake, coconut cream pie & now she is crushing pecans to make the infamous family Chocolate Delight.

Today we are getting packing done, doing a bit of last minute shopping & preparing for a small family get together tonight where the family will get to experience Scott's amazing cooking. He's making fajitas, one of my favorites among his delicious meals.

We'll leave on our flight to Denver late tomorrow & arrive in Portland late in the evening. This will likely ensure that the kids sleep on the last flight & definitely on the drive home. It should be a pretty easy day of travel, besides the luggage haul at the beginning & end of the journey. I'll update on the family gathering tomorrow. It's been an awesome visit. We will be sad to go.

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