Friday, September 13, 2013

Activites Gone Wrong

Today we tried a couple of new sensory activities. I'm always trying to come up with something to fill the water table with that isn't going to cost much money. Rocks came to mind today, so we tried that. I wanted to fill the table and then have them search for tiny items that I had mixed in. I used coins from Sebastian's money jar and mixed them in with the rocks. Unfortunately this activity did not work for Judah (who wanted to throw the rocks) and Willow (who didn't really know what to do). Instead it turned into a counting game for Sebastian. He had to find the 20 coins I had hidden and count them out to make sure he had them all.

Our next activity was the spider web. We used yarn & began tying it across Sebastian & Judah's room. The goal was to create a maze of sorts that they would have to maneuver their way through. However, this was much harder than I had imagined it would be. This activity turned into something completely different as well. We ended up using the yarn to make a limbo and then using another small piece to drag around the house for Pixie to chase. They had fun with both activities though, I guess that's all that matters.

Gramma dropped Sebastian at school this morning. He didn't cry! This was his best drop-off yet! He came home very happy & of course shared some things that they had done. He was very confident & excited to tell us about his day! It was so great.

Over the weekend I think we will take them to the park to make nature bracelets. The weather has been great lately & they love playing in the stream. I'm so glad it's the weekend. The first week of school was tough!

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