Sunday, September 8, 2013

Possibly Ready For School

I'm not sure what changed. Maybe it was affirming school drop-off and bus pick up times? Maybe it was washing new school clothes? Or perhaps it was Judah getting a haircut? But I'm beginning to look forward to the school year starting. Thank goodness!

Judah and I are laying together. We were just having a conversation. I was only catching tiny pieces of what he was saying but we were definitely having back and forth communication. It was pretty cool! He was keeping to himself a lot when Mom & Dave stopped by today. That made me curious if it may take time for his summer progress to show at school, which could mean that they won't be able to teach from the point of his current level. I don't know. That was what Judah and I were talking about, school. His eyes lit up when I mentioned the bus. The rest of the time he looked like he was thinking about what I was saying.

Sebastian helped me work on cleaning Mommy & Daddy's room today. He cleaned the top of the fridge too. His main focus was anything that required climbing to dust. He climbed everything today, including me!

The dog is back into routine and had no accidents in the house today. Yesterday she was so excited to be home. This caused her to potty more than usual and not always remember to tell us that she needed to go.

Today I was able to get my dresser cleaned off. That in itself is reason enough for the blogging today! I've been meaning to do that for years!


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