Monday, September 2, 2013

103 Degrees

6am and Sebastian is up & rarin' to go! He talked Granddad into an early morning bike ride. Daddy was soon awaken and the boys all headed to McDonald's for some play time and breakfast. Apparently the sidewalk there was black, completely soaked in crickets! Judah found a cricket inside and chased it through the restaurant. When he finally caught up to it he smashed it dead! While they were out having breakfast, Susan and I spent time trying to keep up with Willow and chatting.

The guys made it home and we all headed outside to play. Sebastian got to throw his first water balloon. He has been talking about water balloons all summer. He also practiced tennis in the driveway with Granddad. Judah gave it a shot as well. Sebastian seems to be a natural! Willow enjoyed being pushed around on the bikes. She helped me pick up the tennis balls that Sebastian had hit into the yard. Judah loved playing with the animal water guns. The heat took a toll on us after a while and we had to head back indoors.

Scott & I got out for a bit today. We spent 5 dollars at Braum's for 3 scoops of ice cream & a medium shake! What a deal! My Granddad used to take my brothers & I to Braum's all the time when we were kids, so it's always a bit nostalgic when I go into one. Apparently I have forgotten how to order ice cream there though. Today I asked the lady at the counter how big a medium was. She said it was 2 scoops. I told her that I would like mint chocolate chip. She said, "Two scoops?" To which I replied, "Yes, a medium please." She pointed at the ice cream and said, "You want 2 scoops of this?" I said, "You said a medium was 2 scoops, right?" She told me it was. So I said, "Okay, that's what I want." At this point Scott chimes in, "I think what she is trying to ask you is if you want both of the scoops to be mint chocolate or if you want the second scoop to be a different flavor." Thank goodness he was there to end our ridiculous conversation. Perhaps I should have just told her that Who is on first. At least it would have been more entertaining.

After Braum's (crickets there too by the way), we drove around ECU, where Scott got his first degree. What a beautiful campus! The buildings were almost cathedral looking.

We toured Nancy & Arnold's house today. It is immaculate & somewhat similar to Susan & Alvin's. Arnold showed us the bike I mentioned in my last entry. He has tinkered with it for many years to keep it in good, working condition. It's pretty cool!

Later we went to the splash pad at Wintersmith park. Sebastian & Granddad had a blast. Willow & Judah weren't too interested in getting wet though. It was 103 degrees out. Scott was so hot he decided to go stand under one of the buckets of water (some of the splash pad play equipment) & wait for the water to drop on him. He was fully clothed. After that we went to explore the gorgeous park & have a Mazzio's picnic. Judah saw the train tracks that run throughout the park & said, "Mama! Train! Let's go!" Judah, Sebastian & I walked the entire track, all the way around a pretty good size park. On our way around we stopped to look at the ducks in the water. Judah said, "Quack, quack, duck!" Some of the ducks got out of the water to walk around. Judah pointed at them and said, "walk". Willow joined us to walk the track & run over bridges along the way. After that the kids explored all of the playgrounds there. It is a very pretty park. There is a train that you can ride that runs though the park (along the tracks we walked), but unfortunately it has shut down for the summer.

Exhausted, we made it back home. Granddad & Sebastian went on another short bike ride. The kids got baths & went to sleep pretty easily. Needless to say, we did a lot in that 103 degrees of heat!


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