Saturday, September 14, 2013

Secret Donations

Last night I went to bed early, achy and tired. Today I felt okay, but night has arrived and strangely enough I feel the same as last night. Scott had it during the day today but seems fine now.

We were able to get a bag full of toys out of the playroom and delivered to Goodwill before the kids made it home today. Sebastian came home and noticed how "clean" the playroom was, shew!!

The boys had adventures with Gramma & Papa today. They went to play at Bauman's farms & then out to lunch. Willow joined them later for ice cream and brownies, both home-made. Lucky for us they brought some home!

I just found a detailed email from Gramma about all of the adventures they had today! See below.

Just a few notes before I forget them. Sebastian and Judah had a blast at Bauman's as usual. They did all the slides and tubes but today Judah did two new things. He went into the "gopher hole" or black tube that goes under the playground designed as a short cut for the kids. The first time Papa had to go with him and almost got stuck going around a pole (made for wiry kids) and after that, he went on his own with Sebastian in the lead. Usually he hates closed spaces but he laughed his way through and was so proud. Then he also got in the rolling barrel where someone gets a great workout pushing it. Usually he sits for a minute and wants out. Today he got in with Papa and Sebastian while Gram pushed and then some nice people had pity on me and helped push them all three. Judah proceeded to get back into the barrel with Sebastian and a bunch of other little guys and had a blast while Papa and Gram pushed. He laughed so hard! Sebastian was pretty hilarious, too. He called Papa an "old snort" and told Gram she was an "old lady." All in good fun and I don't know who laughed harder or got dirtier, for that matter! We stopped at Walgreen's to get Cars band-aids and Neosporin for Judah's owee. He loved the cars bandages. Sebastian loved the large bag of M and M's Gram got him for his M and M machine (in the bag I sent home with them.)
We ate a late lunch at Baja Fresh and I think the Bauman's workout must've given the boys an appetite. They gobbled up chips, quesadillas (Sebastian), applesauce, etc. like there was no tomorrow. Then the Farmers Market. Usually Judah wants to be carried but this time he toddled along with Papa. We discovered he doesn't like the musicians much. Wouldn't go near them for some reason. Sebastian had kettle corn and we picked out a great Halloween candle holder, handmade, cast to look like flying bats. He chose it.
Time to get Miss Willow! We loaded up the three kids and headed home to make homemade ice cream. Willow talked so much! She said "Papa" a lot today. She and Sebastian decided to clean under the rugs with the little brooms and they did a great job while Papa and Judah headed off to get Judah a smoothie to have instead of ice cream. Willow would report to me periodically and tell me what she was doing (I think!). She discovered Sebastian's stash of colored rocks and said with great excitement to me, "Grammama! Rocks!" We counted them (all four) several times. Sebastian informed me we had to be very careful as the box they were in was very special. It had belonged to one of his other Grammas a long time ago. (My mom.)
Willow and Judah played in the hammock while Papa and Sebastian discussed the garden they are planning to plant in the spring. They are plotting it this fall and will buy seeds and draw it out when the rains begin. Soon, alas! Willow wanted out after a while and later, Judah said, "Help me" when he wanted out. He's talked a lot today and made good eye contact.
Meanwhile Gram was making ice cream. I highly recommend an electric, no salt, no ice needed maker. Very nice! It takes twenty minutes to great ice cream. Earlier Willow and Sebastian had helped put together the mix. Willow thought is was so special to stir the milk and sugar! She sat on the cabinet with Sebastian and he was so proud of her. Needless to say, the ice cream vanished quickly!
Bath time! Papa and Gram finally got smart. We filled the spa tub with just water and all three kids loved splashing around in it. Willow poured water on Judah's hair washing it and Sebastian and Judah blew bubbles like they were in a swimming pool. So easy to clean them all in one fell swoop!!
As we were getting ready to take the kids home, Willow appeared wearing Papa's work satchel around her neck. She pointed to it proudly and said, "Papa!" It was so cute. We have no idea how she managed to pull it out of the hall closet or how she even knew it belonged to David but she did. Such a smart little girl.
Fun day!!!!!!

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