Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Slip 'N Slide!

Today the kids had some summer fun in the backyard. Alvin blew up the swimming pool & set out the Slip 'N Slide. Now when I was a kid a Slip 'N Slide was essentially a long piece of flimsy yellow plastic that you would lay on the ground. A garden hose would be placed at the top of the Slip 'N Slide to ensure it would stay wet. To play on it you would step about ten feet back, get a running start, jump up and belly flop on the Slip 'N Slide, sliding all the way to the bottom and landing in the muddy grass. We thought it was awesome! The Slip 'N Slide the kids played on today was blue with an inflated shark archway at the end that the kids could slide through. Water shot out of the mat every 6 inches or so, taking away the necessity of a garden hose. So much for simplicity! Even the kiddy pool was eccentric. Alvin inflated a slide that fit over one side of the pool. There was a giraffe head on the other side of the pool that had a fountain of water squirting out of its mouth. Judah's favorite was the pool slide. He loved it when I put him down head first. Sebastian liked the craziness of the Slip 'N Slide. I got some good action shots of him flying down & off of it. We couldn't get Willow to do either, but she was in the pool a few times. She isn't much for being sprayed with water.

Susan made a fruit pizza for lunch today. She also made a salad filled with assorted veggies. It was the best lunch I have ever had. We must get the recipe for the fruit pizza! Willow and Sebastian really enjoyed it too.

Scott and I went to see a horror flick this afternoon called You're Next. I have no idea why they titled it that. It was a good movie, lots of creative murder scenarios, a strong woman figure, a family filled with an array of dysfunction & personalities all over the map, and of course suspense. There were a few spots of comedy throughout the film. I think that may have served to remind the audience of the complete impracticality of the movie. It was fun, shocking & definitely scary. There is no one name-worthy in the entire flick. I would totally recommend it.

After the movie we headed over to a restaurant called Sante Fe for dinner. It was excellent! We had fish, steak, baked potato, rolls with cinnamon butter, veggies & a bucket full of peanuts. Mmmm mmm!

While we were gone the kids got in a 30 minute Skype with Grandma & Papa. Sebastian caught them up on all that's been going on here.

Tomorrow Scott is making fajitas for everyone in the family that can come. Quite a few people have other priorities tomorrow night, unfortunately. But we did get to spend lots of time with each of them while we were here.

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