Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Day Of Summer Break Fun!

Early this morning I took Sebastian to meet with his teacher in the Kindergarten classroom for his assessment testing. He was scared when he found out I wouldn't be in the room. He started crying and clinging to me. I was scared for him. We hugged for a while and then the teacher said very calmly, "Okay, now you want to just peel him off of you.", as if she was teaching me a yoga position. And, like yoga, it wasn't easy. I don't know how I'm going to survive tomorrow! I'm not worried about him. After I left the room today he was comfortable & laughing with the teacher in all of 3 minutes.

I found out today that Judah will have a new teacher this year. Hopefully she will be as good as the last! He has been super playful today, interacting wonderfully with everyone! He told me "want juice" earlier when prompted. Later he wanted juice again and got confused saying, "want phone". I said "juice" and he quickly corrected himself saying "want juice". When he was done he handed me his sippy cup and said, "All done!" That is pretty amazing too! Today he has been repeating words and doing what I ask at times! I don't see any issue with eye contact anymore.

We were home most of the day. The kids have all been so happy & playful. They must know this is our last day of summer break. They are getting in every last minute of fun!

Just some added notes..
I can ask Willow to do something and if she understands me, which she usually does, she will do it! Tonight I asked her to pick up a bath toy and get the water out of it, and she did!

In addition to Judah's other hard work today, he also ate an entire bread stick at dinner! I set part of one by his plate, like I sometimes do with other food, and as soon as he was done with his usual food he picked up the bread stick, looked it over and ate it!! Scott gave him more. We gave him a small slice of pizza after that. He contemplated eating it for quite a while, even almost getting it to his mouth, but finally decided against it. We celebrated his bread stick accomplishment by giving him tons of praise. Scott and I both sat there staring at him in just utter shock while he ate his bread stick. That was HUGE. Later he showed me that he wanted to go outside. He unlocked the bottom part of the door and then pointed to the higher lock and said "lock". We went out for a minute, the dog ran out and Judah did NOT want to let her back in, haha. Then he wanted to go out the front door, so we did. Outside he pointed at the light and said "light". He also said "night". He has been responding to his name most of the time today and talking a lot, trying so hard to communicate. He is very animated and excited when he talks. He also said "Itchy" (the name of one of his trains). He said "trains" a lot today. He has had such an INCREDIBLE day! Hopefully he will be happy & excited to be at school tomorrow, fingers crossed!!


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