Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jumping Hurdles

Papa took Sebastian to school & picked him up today. Another awesome drop-off! Papa met the teacher and some of Sebastian's classmates. Sebastian came home with a library book bag. They will be checking out books of their choice every week. He is looking forward to it!

Judah definitely jumped some hurdles today. Besides saying more new words than I could even keep up with, he also understood a couple of instructions that he typically doesn't understand. I told him we were going outside & he followed me around until we made it to the door. He understood something else pretty significant but I can't remember what it was. I drew shapes on the sidewalk in chalk while we were outside. As I named the shapes he would attempt to repeat the name of the shape after me. He also drew on the sidewalk. He's grown somewhat fond of making art very recently. We need to give him more opportunities to do that & opportunities for him to communicate that he wants to do that. When we were outside I suggested that we all go in for a snack. Of course no one wanted to do that, & I didn't think Judah had even heard me. Twenty minutes later Judah let me know that he wanted to go inside & "eat" (another hurdle).

Judah stood up in the bath this evening and said, "Look (at) me!!", something I've never heard him say before. Then he started washing his whole body with a washcloth, which he never does! That was another gigantic hurdle that he soared over.

Willow has been a mess of hilarity today. She finds humor in just about anything. She creates it too! Tonight she offered me a shoulder ride while she was taking a bath! She touched her shoulder and said, "Ride? Ride?" (which is what she does to me when she wants one). Then she smiled & laughed really hard, probably visualizing gigantic Mommy riding on her shoulders while she played in the tub. At the age of 21 months she has already learned how to play little tricks on people (and dogs). When I let her give the dog a treat she will pretend she is going to do just that. Then she will casually walk around with it, driving Pixie bonkers. She will nearly always pretend she is going to eat the treat (remember she thinks she is part dog). Today she actually took a bite out of Pixie's treat! I thought, "Well that will teach her!", but shockingly enough she didn't look disgusted in the least! Maybe she really is part dog? She's definitely got me fooled!

We did a lot of outside play today. The kids ran me ragged! I don't think there was a single minute during the day that I wasn't busy with something. Not to mention that Scott wasn't home from work & then gaming with friends until 9pm. At this point I'm too tired to even lay in bed & read.

Oh, one more thing! I had one of my post-op appointments today with the eye doctor. I have 20/20 vision! When the doctor's assistant informed me of that I said, "Oh my god!!" She immediately turned around in her chair & said, "When was the last time you had 20/20??" I told her, "When I was kid, a very young kid." I'm still a bit in shock.

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