Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Long Night

Last night was long. It lasted all the way into late morning today. All I wanted was a sleeping baby & something to cure my aching head. Scott, Willow & I didn't get much sleep. Today was a rough start but eventually got much better. Sebastian, of course, was up at the crack of dawn, 6:30am to be precise. He went for an early morning bike ride with Granddad, their morning routine, in his pajamas. I guess this is the second day in a row he has done the morning bike ride in his pj's.

At lunchtime we hit up the hamburger joint Scott has to eat at every time we are in Ada. It's called Folgers and has got to be amongst some of the smallest restaurants around. It can seat maybe 20 people, most of these spots are barstools at the counter. Employees consist of 2 old men flipping burgers & 2 waitresses (one old, one young) taking care of each and every customers. It's old too, which makes it pretty cool. This was the first time Sebastian & I had gone. Alvin, and of course Scott, went as well. Everyone else stayed home. Aunt Nancy came over to help watch the kids. Folgers has big greasy burgers, shoestring fries, hot dogs and grilled cheese. I'm pretty sure that's their entire menu, plus fountain drinks. When we walked in there were a few barstools open in one spot & a couple more near the end of the counter. People gladly got up and moved so we could all sit together. Sebastian had a hot dog, I had the grilled cheese, while Scott & Alvin ate hamburgers & fries. We had their entire menu. At one point I looked over and caught Sebastian staring in wonder at the woman scooping ice. His ice machine fascination is hilarious! Folgers was an interesting experience. There was definitely a diverse collection of people, all were friendly & a lot of them seemed to know one another. Folgers restaurant in Ada, Oklahoma is now checked off on my bucket list.

I got in a nap with Willow when we got home. That was the final cure for my headache (plus migraine medicine).

During the early evening we went to the Lazer Tag Family Fun Center. We met up with Scott's cousin Amy, her daughter Lucy & her sister's daughter Gracie. The kids played in the indoor play area. It was really fun - I was in there with them. Judah & Willow were able to do pretty much everything in the play structure. They only really needed my help with the Tarzan swing. Willow walked a tightrope made out of rubber & did amazingly well. She did it over & over. Judah loved the slide. He went down & climbed back up many times. There were only 2 other kids in there with us. We also played in the arcade. Sebastian, Lucy & Gracie played many of the arcade games together. Judah was fascinated with the one that simulated a roller coaster ride. He loved the shaking chair & the gushes of wind throughout the ride. It was really cool. Lucy had to get to soccer practice so we only stayed about an hour, but they got in a ton of fun for sure.

We ate dinner at Braum's. I've decided that they have my absolute favorite salad. It's called the strawberry poppy seed salad. It has spinach, strawberries, blueberries, poppy seed dressing, pine nuts, pineapple & more! It's awesome. Sebastian, Daddy, Willow & I shared a hot fudge, brownie, lava cake sundae.

Sebastian talked all day about riding the bike trail with Granddad & I. Of course, I don't have a bike, so my plan was to go along & snap pictures. He ended up riding this evening with Scott. The rest of us walked behind them. The weather was perfect. I was able to get in a few pictures. We headed back when it started to get dark. Judah enjoyed walking up to the lake. He said "water" when he saw it and many times after. He was jibber-jabbering away that entire walk. I caught words here & there. He was definitely enjoying himself & when I heard words they were usually about what we were doing or seeing. Willow nearly fell asleep on me during the walk. I'm really hoping that means she will sleep good tonight! I know Scott & I will!


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