Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fiesta de la Harritt!

Judah had his first bus ride of the school year this morning. He knew exactly what we were waiting outside for. When the bus arrived he hopped on & picked out a seat in the back. He was supposed to sit in one of the "car seat" seats, so I had to help him get to a different seat. He had no problem with that at all! I was nervous that he would think I was getting him off the bus. After I got him strapped in he was all smiles! He said "cheese!!" as I took his picture on the bus.

The next order of business was making the dreaded phone call to Judah's teacher about Judah hitting kids in the Kindergarten class. She seemed very surprised & said they would keep an eye out for his new behavior. I should have warned her on the first day, but I was probably too stressed out to think of it. I also had to talk to her about the bus driver trying to drop off the wrong kid at our house. She said she couldn't have been more clear about who that kid was when he got on the bus. She also explained that the bus driver was a fill-in, which really makes no difference on the first day of school. She assured me that they would make sure today's driver knew who Judah was. And he did come home this afternoon on the bus & even a bit early, whew!! The driver who dropped him off informed me that they don't have a regular driver for that route yet, so I should be expecting fill-in drivers until they hire a regular driver, ugg!! This does not put my mind at ease.

Last night I found a school supply list for Judah's class. I don't know how we missed that! They sent it out right before school so I think we just hadn't opened it yet. His classroom wants each child to either provide the supplies on their long list or send in money. I found the donation suggestion a bit odd, never heard of that one before.

Willow & I watched the garbage truck pick up our trash this morning. She was fascinated. She kept going to the door saying "trash" hoping that it would come again. All of my children have now experienced this phase. I think the garbage truck experience should be considered a milestone.

Another excellent drop-off for Sebastian today. Judah came home with positive notes in his notebook. These notes also reflected on the conversation I had earlier with the teacher this morning, which was reassuring. Apparently they pulled their class inside as soon as Kindergarten came out & are now watching for his behavior. She said they would work with him on it. I'm curious to know what that entails.

The school picnic this evening was fun, not too long and very casual. Scott, Mom, Dave, myself & all of the kids enjoyed it. It was a lot less people than I would have expected for a 10 year school anniversary. We all sang the school song, the kids sat up front and of course sang it much better than the adults. Judah probably had the best time out of everyone in the family. He was on the go! We all got the chance to chase him. He was exploring, interacting, fearless & having fun! Willow enjoyed hanging out on the blanket, having a picnic & playing. Papa & Scott enjoyed sampling the salsas that parents were making on the spot. It's not everyday you find salsa that fresh! Nightfall was coming in so we packed up. I'm guessing the kids will sleep well tonight. They went down pretty fast.

Something dawned on me when we got home from the picnic, which was a very exciting evening for Judah. He was so motivated! He helped me pull his pants down while looking at my phone. All I did was ask him. He was making a lot of effort to talk to me & using much eye contact. He was 100% motivated to pursue progress all over the place! After speech therapy he is also much like this. Now I truly realize that I need to find something that he really loves & work from there. I've known this for some time, but could never fully comprehend it until I continued to see it happen in front of me. There's no doubt in my mind that this evening brought with it a revelation, one that I've needed to see for some time.

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