Thursday, February 27, 2014

50% Krazy Kar, 50% Cars Soundtrack

After the boys had school we ate lunch & then rushed to catch the last 30 minutes of a play date on the other end of town. I'm really glad we went. Seeing familiar faces & being somewhere that doesn't involve stress over watching my kids is rare.. I wish that was a daily thing! It also gave the kids a play date instead of play time with the neighbor kids. The neighbor kids did come over as they came home from school. Sebastian told Cooper that his Daddy said he couldn't go to his house. I started to answer Cooper's question as to why Sebastian couldn't come over but Sebastian jumped right in, letting him know that his Daddy said his house was too far. I told Cooper they could play in the driveway if they wanted to. Sebastian asked him if he wanted to & Cooper said he had to get home. Sebastian said, "Okay, see you tomorrow!" and Cooper didn't say a word. When the 9 year old knocked on the door I just told him that Sebastian couldn't play today. He, however, did not request an explanation of a parental decision made by another kid's parent. I would think most kids would do the same.

I was hoping to have the kids out somewhere & avoid that situation all together. I didn't want Sebastian to be upset or end up in a stressful position over something that he did not create but wanted so desperately to work out. He's six, he needs a break! He was very mature about it, didn't get upset at all & seemed to understand the honest handful of reasons we gave him as to why he could only play with those kids in our driveway (the rule changed last night). I'm not as mad or sad about all of this today because I can see now that Sebastian will be fine, he's not completely focused on them anymore. He hardly mentioned them at all today & wanted to go to the play date. He's a bit upset about the situation on the inside, he did act out about some random & seemingly non-existent problems this evening, but not to a big extent. He played with those kids long enough to know that he needed different friends. I can see that now.

Judah was really sad to see that his Krazy Kar was in 2 pieces today. That happened while Sebastian was playing with the neighbor kids 2 days ago. I didn't think it was possible for someone to break that thing - actually they are advertised as being rugged & to have a long life. The Krazy Kar lasted 2 1/2 months here. Judah didn't get to use it a lot. Sebastian fell in love with it the first time he saw it & sort of took it over. He got amazingly good at maneuvering it. You can spin in a circle when you are on it (Judah loves to dance in a circle). We bought it for him as a fun toy, but mainly as a sensory toy. He kept trying to fix it after he saw that it was broken. Judah accidentally broke his Cars soundtrack CD today while pulling it out of the CD case. He had been eager to listen to it on the ride home & thrilled that he got to choose the music. He tried to fix that as well - and of course was very sad. He put the pieces together & said, "I know! Tape it!" (Sebastian had just said "tape it"). Ugh!! Poor guy.

Willow did well at the play date, typically she freezes. Maybe having her brothers there brought her comfort. She was much more herself, which was awesome, but also not so awesome as she fought me to play in the bathroom sink & refused to leave when it was time to go. I told Judah we needed to go to the car, he was so engrossed in watching another kid play a video game (which he had been much of the time we were there) that I had to say it a few times. Apparently the Wreck It Ralph video game is mesmerizing - he wasn't the only kid watching, but he was the only kid standing in the chair that the kid playing the game was using, haha. Then he looked up & I saw it register.. he jumped off the chair & headed for the door. He picked up Lego's when I asked him to while we were there. He has followed instruction very well today. I asked him to hug Willow after he stole a toy from her. He said "hug", then gave her a hug & a kiss.

The kids like to run around in a circle, chasing one another. It's a Judah game turned Judah & Willow game.. turned Judah, Willow & Sebastian game.. Mommy & Daddy got added somewhere along the way, without being given much of an option.

Judah pooped! Thank heavens! This would have been the intervention night. He took 7.5 ml L-carnatine, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, one probiotic, 3 tablets of 125 mg folinic acid w/b-12, fish oil was missed, oral (4 times) & cream (3 times) antibiotic, and started Docusate Sodium (only took one dose). He will be taking 2 mLs Docusate Sodium twice a day - supposed to help with bowel movements. Progress today was excellent, still booming! Most of the time he was willing to go to the bathroom, even initiating it himself a couple of times. In diaper all day (school, home, then right to play date). Pains throughout the day were there, not too bad. After the play date he started having worse pain up until he pooped. Pain was really bad when he would try to go on the toilet. Eventually pooped in diaper in early evening. 

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