Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Love For Hot Wheels

Tonight while laying in bed with the kids Judah said "nite, nite everybody!", laid back, pulled his covers up and pretended to snore. He said the same thing last night.. I just didn't catch the 'everybody' part. A few minutes later he proclaimed, "We want chips!!" Then he said chip to me very clearly and "all day" (I think?). Then he jumped out of bed & we could hear him talking very loudly to Daddy in the kitchen. He's got quite a personality - they all do!

The playroom is finished! Sebastian put all of the kid books into the hallway bookshelf. He categorized them too! He made a section for Judah & a baby section. The book pile had been on the floor since last night & since then the kids have enjoyed their books more than they have all year so far! Judah threw a bunch out of the shelf this evening. Of course he had to put them back in with me. I did hand over hand (he just didn't want to do it) until he eventually started helping on his own. I tried to make it fun, saying "Push!!" every time I pushed a book back in. He started pushing the books into the spots I made for him saying, "Push!!!" very enthusiastically. If you make things fun - kids will do it.

The 6 foot Hot Wheels ramp has found it's first functional location, in the boys' room! And it's being used by all of the kids!! That's what I want.. a functional home, an environment that allows us to easily function. The hours/days it is taking to create this environment is worth it.. I keep telling myself that.

We also put the tall, plastic car ramps toy in the boys' room. Those are the two big car toys. My next project is to find a way to store all of the little cars they own in their room. I'd like to make a Hot Wheels garage. Even though I hate Hot Wheels - why would someone create little metal cars for kids that will eventually get thrown (at one another or at something breakable). Not to mention the tiny wheels on them, wonderful choking hazards, let's hand those out to the children too! Adults quickly find out how painful it is to step on a Hot Wheels car. It's either painful or transporting - transporting you in the air to the other side of the room! At least the home made garage will keep them off of the floor and all in one place. I will undoubtedly be the one using it after the nostalgia quickly wears off for the boys. I don't mind using the Hot Wheels garage, totally worth it.

I was cleaning out the humidifier in the bathtub tonight. I turned around to find Judah behind me stripping. This is the same thing that happened last night - I turned on the bathwater and Judah & Willow immediately undressed.

Willow bathed with Judah for a while, taking time to brush his hair with her doll brush. Not long after she got in she demanded to "poop" (this means go potty). She sat on the potty for the rest of Judah's bath. She likes to do that. I used a cup to wash Judah's hair. His ear is leaking wax - it makes the hair near his ear very yucky. I made the mistake of giving him the cup since it had Planes on it, a Cars movie he likes. He began drinking his bath, more splashing and then I looked up from my phone to find him shoveling cup fulls of bath water out of the tub and throwing them across the bathroom. Willow sat on the potty, fighting the waves. Once I opened the drain he leaped out of the tub (as usual) fearing for his life. He stood with his hooded Angry Birds towel covering his face and peed on the floor. He's been destructive today, but particularly so tonight - tearing books, spitting, pouring water on books & the boys' bedroom floor & I don't remember what else.

Judah seemed bored more often than usual today - even though it was a busy day around the house! Perhaps because the TV wasn't on most of the day? He wasn't requesting to watch it though.

Judah ate one of the home made purees tonight! Finished the entire bowl!! He wouldn't try the puree I made, we served him that next. He also drank one of Scott's spinach smoothies tonight and wanted seconds!! Scott used orange juice. That made it reeheeelly good. We will document these recipes to use often - they are healthy. The kids have had spinach smoothies every other day since we started them last week!

We played outside in the now mushy snow. Scott, Willow & Judah shoveled the snow around the car in hopes that Daddy can get out of the driveway tomorrow. Our street is bad, but the turn onto Glen Creek is only a couple houses down. It's a main road, so it's cleared.

Judah pooped! A big mushy painful poop! Tonight would have been suppository had this poop not happened. We were all so relieved. Seeing him in pain is awful, sitting on the potty the pain gets extremely worse. Judah waved and told the poop, "bye! bye!" many times.

He said "bye" very appropriately a lot today. He said it when everyone was heading outside & I was still inside. Judah very ambitiously told us all bye when he was hanging onto Daddy hoping that he would take him outside, hahah.

Pixie is finally beginning to tolerate the snow. She had no accidents in the house today!!

Scott will work tomorrow, but school will likely be cancelled (I hope!!!!!!).

It's weird that practically everyone in Salem has been snowed in, we're all stuck in this same unfamiliar predicament. Yet none of us can see or talk to each other in person. You can only see or talk to your neighbor. We're all going through the same gigantic issue, but we can't communicate in person with anyone but the people that we live with. And all of the snow across the globe gives you an 'end of the world' sort of feeling. It feels extraordinarily bizarre to me.

Scott & I are planning on filling the indoor basketball hoop (now usable in the play room) with sand tonight. Scott is going to use a small cooking funnel and sit for hours as sand pours into the base of a children's basketball hoop. Don't worry, I'll bring him snacks. :) He is currently making a pizza from scratch. Pizza Hut is closed and Figaro's won't deliver past the road that comes before ours, seriously!!!

Judah was definitely saying some sentences today - and a lot of 2 word phrases. He seems extra energetic lately too. He's understanding & I think selectively ignoring as well. I told him to go to Daddy and ask him for food since I couldn't help him. And he went to Daddy, Daddy asked him how he could help and Judah told him "Check!" (Chex).

Judah took usual supplements today - one XL bowel movement - in pain a lot of the day before that. Had 2 doses of Miralax and one of Benefiber.

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