Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spinach Smoothies

So much for getting sleep last night. Sebastian was up for most of the night - not sure why. He actually agreed with my suggestion to go to bed early today. That didn't happen either for some reason. Judah, Scott, Willow & I ended up sleeping in the same bed at some point - I don't know how that happened. I couldn't move.

This evening Scott & I shuffled around the kitchen, preparing dinner for the kids. It took a ridiculously long time. I couldn't tell you why. Usually just one of us does this & it takes half the time it took tonight. We tried one of the new doctor's ideas, making smoothies with baby spinach in them. I had recently seen a recipe for this. Scott had actually bought the ingredients a few days ago. It was simple - 2 cups of baby spinach, a handful of strawberries (always buy organic according to the new doc), 1/2 a banana, water, ice & Scott added honey for a touch of natural sweetness. The finished smoothie is dark green, so I had to find the darkest sippy cup we had to serve it to Judah. After his first sip I could tell he liked it, but he also looked a bit confused and began to study his cup. It looked as if he was thinking that there was something peculiar about his drink. He looked into the straw and saw the green. "Eeeew!!" he said. Then he carried it around, looking at it, contemplating what to do. It was so funny. He ended up enjoying it, drinking half of his cup. The green didn't bother Sebastian, although he did request "no salad" in his drink. He had been watching Scott put the smoothies together. Willow liked hers too. Sebastian even had a refill! So that was awesome.

We bought coconut milk the other day. I am using it in my coffee. The doc suggested adding melted honey to it for Judah. I gave Judah some plain coconut milk today because I couldn't remember the doctor's instructions for melting honey. Judah wouldn't drink it, he spit it out all over the place, saying "Yuck!!" According to the new doctor, rice milk is not very nutritious. It's mostly water. I've looked this up online before - that's when we tried to switch to almond milk. That didn't work out. It was a slow process of adding more & more almond milk to Judah's rice milk. I was up to about half his drink being almond milk, and he was still fine with it. Scott didn't have much ambition about making this switch at the time - that didn't help any. We will pursue phasing out the rice milk again soon. Besides almond & coconut, the doctor also recommended hemp milk. He gave us lots of new ideas - we are both excited to try them out!

The doctor filled our heads with lots of interesting & great health information. We answered a lot of questions about Judah for him. Judah played in the room through this entire 3 hour visit. We also filled out 37 pages of paperwork before we even had the appointment - that took SIX HOURS, with both of us working on it! We'll see him again in March and will have tried out a few new vitamins by then. The doctor also gave Scott information on psoriasis voluntarily & talked with him about it for a bit. I shared information about what Judah's pediatrician had suggested & done for him. He was impressed, telling us that she had done her research & that he usually doesn't hear about pediatricians who are that knowledgeable about autism. Like I said, we got lucky with her! He offered to consult with her about Judah. I left a message for her with his number today. So we've got 2 professionals working with Judah who seem to be steering us in a very healthy & informative direction. Judah's pediatrician mailed us 100 pages of information on autism. We received that yesterday. We didn't ask her to do that. It was pretty shocking to us - but in an absolutely fantastic way!! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Judah had a blood draw & got a shot of Glutathione 200 mg while we were at the doctor's office. The doctor also sent us home with vitamins. The shot seemed to be affecting him this evening. The doctor had said it might have a positive effect on his progress & that progress could happen within the week. Tonight Judah was using 2 word phrases - he stood at the balcony door gesturing for everyone to come outside, saying, "Come out!" Later he told me that it was "dark" outside & was trying to figure out how to ask me to go outside with him & watch his spinning light toy. I could tell what he wanted. We all went outside with him. It was really cool to watch his spinning light in the dark of the night, and what an awesome idea. I can't remember what else he did - but I saw bits of progress throughout the night. That's always so beautiful to see.

After the big Oregon City trip (the drive is about an hour and the visit with the doctor was 3 hours!), we made the awful decision of going to speech therapy. Snow was starting to come home as we drove towards Salem. Fortunately it wasn't sticking. We made it to speech therapy just on time. Judah did well the first 20 minutes, but he was obviously exhausted from getting up crazy early and a full day directly following. The last 30 minutes of the session he spoke only a few times. Such a bummer. We missed last week's speech therapy due to the IFSP meeting. That was the week his progress was soaring, I really wish she could have seen him. We tried to get in a different day that week but there were no spots.

Tonight I stayed up past midnight working on notes to add to Judah's IFSP. We are meeting with the team in the morning. Scott went to bed early. We had about 3 items to add  to the IFSP before he went to bed. Now I have a full page, typed.

Judah had usual vitamins today (L-carnitine, probiotic, vitamin c & fish oil) - no bowel movements - 2 doses of Miralax.

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