Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pooping Pains

Judah started picking back up on the language today. He was especially chipper this morning, saying new words & phrases - I couldn't understand most of them, but I'm so happy he was trying!! He pooped, thank goodness. Another bullet dodged. We really don't want to have to intervene. Today we spent half the day trying to assist him as best we could, taking him to the bathroom over & over, trying to calm him down while giving him encouragement too. He seems to have diarrhea right now. There's just no win/win for this situation. Doc wants us giving him Miralax every day until he starts going on his own on a daily basis  Right now he's going every other day consistently. But the Miralax could likely be starting the diarrhea, which is a different type of pain. I hate it, I just want something that will make him stop hurting. He is in pain for hours until he has a bowel movement. Today he went twice (there were a couple of hours in between them). The pain didn't stop after the first bowel movement, it just started right back up again.  This situation makes me so sad & frustrated. GI problems are common for kids on the spectrum, talk about unfair.

The kids played in the garage for quite a while today. It was LOUD. Sebastian hooked his plasma car up to the Krazy Kar using a small bungee cord. Judah drove the Krazy Kar while Sebastian rode on the plasma car, basically being whipped around the garage. Then they switched & Judah was on the back end of that thing.. screaming, "ahhhh!!!!" the entire time. Willow would practically fly up into my arms anytime they got near her.

Scott took Judah to get a haircut today. The first place was getting ready to close. The second place wasn't able to cut his hair because he was moving around so much. Unfortunately Scott couldn't get a Wi-Fi signal on his phone, so he couldn't even offer Wubbzy as a possible solution to calming Judah down. Judah's shaggy, surfer hair remains. He has the coolest hair in the family.

Tonight I was sitting on the couch with the kids, we were all squished together. They were all smiles & affectionate, Judah was laying his head on me. Willow was sticking her finger in my mouth giving me "medicine" & laughing. Sebastian was telling stories. This morning I had Willow & Judah for a long time while Scott & Bash went grocery shopping. I kid you not, they were the sweetest kids the entire time. I'm not bragging, we all know that won't happen again for a very long time, just saying how much I loved it & how awesome our kids are. :) Still not bragging. ;)

Scott watched the Super Bowl, he had to record some & is just now getting back to it. He's avoiding the internet because the winning team will be all over the place. He doesn't want his next 2 hours of  being in suspense to be demolished, basically because we can't sit down and watch TV during the day, basically because we have kids.. and the bragging has now come to a halt!

I could hear Sebastian wailing before he even came in through the front door this afternoon. He opened the door and Willow walked up & said, "What's matter Bastian?" Her little sayings are adorable, but she was very genuinely concerned.

Judah took l-carnitine, vitamin d, probiotic & fish oil. He had 2 doses of Miralax. He had a lot of chicken nuggets today, some pear baby food, some apple sauce & some tortilla chips. As I'm writing this I'm realizing it would be a good idea to keep a food log for him. We started a bm log for him recently too.

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