Monday, February 3, 2014

Oregon City tomorrow

Tonight we are filling out a ton of paperwork for the doctor Judah is going to see in Oregon City tomorrow. He's a "Dan Dr.". We are looking forward to hearing all that he has to say. Hopefully tons of useful information will be soaked into our brains by mid-day tomorrow.

Judah pooped twice today - liquidy & large. In pain probably 30 mins - an hour before pooping. Took all of his usual supplements plus one dose of Benefiber.

After 20 mins of bothering him - asking him to let the dog in, he finally let the dog in. He did say, "dog in" right before he let her in. Maybe those were the key words he understood for that action. Like when I say "eat" he goes right to the table.

Sebastian spent a few hrs with Gramma & Papa - eating lunch, reading & checking out their new wood floors. He said he didn't get to see the workers in action, what he'd been hoping to see. But the floors sound pretty cool.

We are starting to log Judah's diet.


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