Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You Don't Want to Have a Kid That's a... ?!?!?!!

Judah had a doctor appointment today. Thank goodness they called with a morning reminder for his afternoon appointment. Who does that?! "Hey, you've got an appointment in 2 hours.. just wanted to make sure you remembered.." It might as well have been my spouse calling. But it definitely wasn't. He had no idea either. After seeing Judah in such pain yesterday, I felt that we really needed to see a doctor today, and then suddenly an appointment for Judah to see the doctor just fell down from the sky!

Doctor S. poured on the information - supplements, people as forms of energy, eye movements that make you smart, foot & leg massages that help you poop, Dan doctor info, etc. She thinks that a lot of people don't agree with this more natural method of treatment, some even say it's malpractice. But obviously these doctors are promoting natural health, which makes sense. It's just not perceived as "valid" in the medical world.  She talks non-stop, but she is always super informative. She has been very, very helpful for Judah. If only we had a recorder during our appointments! I have that thought every time we see her, but then it escapes me not long after, so we never end up bringing one. There's no way you could catch all of the information she shares, it flies out of her mouth like a rocket! It's never a 10 minute doctor check-up with her. Our "check-up" appointment today lasted an HOUR. She has sent us mail on autism - when we never even requested it. She has sent prescriptions in for us many days after our visit, just because she knew we were having a problem & needed help. We didn't even ask her to do that. She's ambitious & dedicated for sure, but she can be so politically incorrect & offensive. Add random stereotyping to that as well. Who stereotypes Russians?! I hope she never speaks in public with some of the thoughts & words she shares with us, because I'd really like to keep her as Judah's doctor. We politely overlook this part of the visit & hope that our kids aren't repeating what the doctor says.. We are going to stop taking Willow & Bastian anyway, it's too chaotic.

Judah's progress shot through the roof today. He took ME to the bathroom this morning. I meant to start writing down things he said & did but there was never a SECOND of relief with the kids today, until Scott got home at 6:30. But by then my brain had dissolved to water.. which could very well be true. According to the doctor we are made up of water, space & energy. And you don't want to have a kid that's a re*a*d - that was helpful information too.

Judah was understanding me a lot today. He did many things I asked and understood the MINUTE I said he could not do something or was not going to get something, etc. Tonight I kept smelling suntan lotion. I asked each of the kids, who were lying beside me, if they had put lotion on. Sebastian answered, Willow laughed when I smelled her hands and Judah said, "No. No, no, no." Then he answered me with "yup" about something else. It's so wonderful.

We played outside in the mist for a while today. They all rode various toys up the driveway, through the rocks, backwards down the driveway, into the yard.. Sebastian crashed into Judah a few times. Judah's bike always fell over, squishing half of his body underneath it. He loved it! ?! Luckily he never got hurt. It wasn't long before I had them both in helmets. Who rides a toddler trike with a helmet on? My kids, that's who. Our kids play together SO well. They are all best friends. Tonight Sebastian hurt Judah's feelings. Sebastian was continuously getting angry at him for not playing the Kinect game right. I explained to Sebastian that Judah (who was the one who REALLY wanted to play this game in the first place) probably didn't want to play anymore (he was playing on his own by then) and that he might want to play later on his own. Sebastian begged him to re-join. I told him that Judah could do what he likes. Judah was quiet & sad, playing on his own. Sebastian went back to making Valentine's. The first one he made when he sat back down involved many Cars stickers. It was for Judah. He didn't even have enough Valentine's for his entire class, but he made sure Judah got one. Willow got one too. They love each other so much.

Judah & Willow created a game of "cha cha cha" today. They run in a circle chasing one another, chanting "cha! cha! cha!". Judah gets riled up, Willow screams. Judah reached for her a few times saying, "Get back here!!" Seriously, he has grown that much. I should have written down everything I saw & heard today, ugh!!

Unfortunately Judah is already constipated again - after having a bowel movement just last night. The doc recommended giving him a mint leaf in warm water. She's given us other home remedies to try as well.

Sebastian enjoyed a dish I created today - gluten-free macaroni noodles, organic spaghetti sauce, leftover hamburger meat & melted cheddar cheese (Tilamook) on top. He had it for lunch AND dinner! He also likes the omelets that I make him. They don't turn out looking like omelets but I still consider them omelets just because they are eggs with cheese & meat mixed in. Apparently he knows they are not correct omelets because now he says, "Mom, for dinner can I have that egg thing that you make??" hahaaa. At least he enjoys it!

Last night I was up until 2 doing dishes & wiping counters. Yesterday armies of ants invaded an area of our kitchen. I found them during lunch when we had to eat fast and then get to speech therapy. Lunch was quickly put on hold after I picked up a stack of papers and found a militia of ants. I threw away mail, bibs, Scott's spoon rest.. last night I got rid of the bread box because I always see them in that area. I'm done with ants!!!!! I've moved the dish drainer to the top of the cabinets - usually it's under the sink, another place ants love to roam in our kitchen. I moved all of the fruit into the refrigerator - Scott had just stocked up on organic fruit at Costco, so our fridge is beyond packed right now.

Scott seems to be catching on to Willow's new trouble-making ways. When we were at the doctor he was chasing her around the room saying, "Willow you are getting into EVERYTHING!" haha. Sebastian thought it was so funny. Welcome to my day hubby. When Sebastian was making Valentine's tonight Scott had to take my spot for a bit. After 2 minutes he looks up at me and says, "Is this something that is required??" hahahaaa

Judah was in underwear & diapers both today, depending on the situation. When we were outside playing he stood at the top of the driveway and wet his pants. That made me so sad. I watched him stand there contemplating whether to do something about it or just pee. He wanted to stay & play, so he peed. But then he was uncomfortable, didn't want to play & his pants were soaked so we had to go in. Maybe he learned something from that one. ?

Judah took usual supplements plus an extra folinic acid this morn (so that would be two 125 mg Folinic acid + B-12). Doctor said to do this after 5 days. He had one dose of Miralax and one dose of Benefiber. He is constipated again, that started in the mid-afternoon.

I'm off to dig through my craft box & see if I have supplies that Sebastian can use to make & decorate his Valentine cards. He is really enjoying this project. He has only done three. Karla's was first of course, then the teacher.

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