Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day

School was cancelled due to snow today. They call around 6am and again at 630 if you don't pick up. I had no idea who would be calling when I heard my phone ringing an hour & a half before my morning alarm. It's just a recorded message.. we get a lot of recorded messages from Harritt. They switch them up, sometimes they do the English version first and then the Spanish, or vice versa.. to be fair I guess, haha.

I also found out in the wee hours of the morning that Meemaw & Granddad had to cancel their trip to see us. They would have arrived this afternoon. This is the second time in a row that they have had to cancel their trip here due to weather. Crazy huh!! They said they will try again in the spring.

20 car pile-up on the highway. This was my day to volunteer in Sebastian's classroom. Mom & I had the plan all set - she would watch Willow & help with the boys too. Sebastian was bummed that I couldn't do my volunteer day. I didn't even mention it, but he remembered.

Scott was leaving for work today as Judah told him, "bye, bye". Then Judah chased Scott to the door and told him, "bye, bye, love you". Tell me that his progress is not GIGANTIC!

Judah told me "gnite" after I told him "gnite" this evening.

I asked Judah if he wanted to go outside. He hadn't really been responding to my questions all day (probably because he wasn't feeling awesome). With this question he took a minute to look out the window first (at the falling snow), then he said, "Shoes!!!" Then he ran to get his shoes! I asked him to get his socks while we were in his room. He got his socks!! He's never done that before! He even said, "ock!" Getting the kids ready for the snow is time-consuming, unless you have already been out in the snow with them & all their gear is piled at the front door. As I got them ready Judah followed me around, even helping out. I told him we were looking for Willow's coat. A few minutes later he finds me and hands me Willow's coat! During this entire time he was patient & seemed to be understanding everything. In this type of situation he is ALWAYS holding my leg, making it impossible for me to walk & crying to go. This huge change was pretty awesome - I hope this lasts!!!

I couldn't make it 20 minutes outside with them, although they probably could have gone longer! The snow was coming down, the wind was blowing, the temperature was 20 degrees.. my fingers & toes were going numb. We still had a blast though!

Judah pulled the sled up the driveway many times & sledded down on his own. The boys sledded together - they loved that. Willow wanted to ride thesled, she begged, "do it! Mommy do it!!", but once I tried to get her on the sled she refused. She does this all the time. Her brothers do something & she must follow, sometimes she isn't up to the challenge though! Watching her sled down the driveway would have made me nervous - she makes good choices. :)

When Daddy arrived home early, he took the kids out for a second round of sledding & snowballs. He even took the boys down the big driveway across the street. That's probably the best hill to sled around here, other than risking your life sledding down Glen Creek (a busy street). The boys hopped on the sled & went together down the big hill. I stood outside with Willow. I couldn't see the boys, but I could hear them coming down the hill! "Wheeee!!" screamed Judah.

I found some gluten/casein/egg free recipes in the ASD/ADHD cookbook we bought on Kindle a while back. We don't have a Kindle - I use my phone or our computer to access our Kindle library. I love Kindle. I highlighted all of the recipes I found that could work for us. We only have all of the ingredients for one recipe on the list - we'll do that one tomorrow. I need recipes for Judah & recipes for Willow & Sebastian - it feels like we are stuck in a rut, continuously feeding them the same ole stuff everyday! We go through applesauce & Rice Chex like you wouldn't believe! Scott bought a Ninja blender quite a while ago. Supposedly it can puree, act as a juicer and food processor. It has like four buttons on the front of it, haha. I don't understand it. I still used our "average Jo" blender for probably 2 months after we bought the Ninja. The Ninja was too intimidating for us to get out. It took quite a while.

Scott used the Ninja to make the spinach smoothies again tonight. Judah wouldn't touch his. Sebastian had 2 cups and Willow drank over half of hers.

Judah was in underwear quite a bit today. No accidents but he was hardly peeing all day. Judah tried all day to poop & was in much pain. We had to do an enema tonight. It helped some. His ear is still hurting from time to time, not much though. I gave him Tylenol one time today. He started a new vitamin today - DMG 125 mg, with folinic acid & b-12. L-carnitine dosage has gone up to 7.5 mL starting today. He took usual 1 tsp. fish oil, 1 probiotic, & vitamin d 2000 i.u. Progress is going okay - not feeling well is likely holding him back.


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