Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bauman's and more..

Music therapy went very smoothly this afternoon. It was the most relaxed session Judah has ever had. He's never come close to being that relaxed & focused during a session. He was concentrating on doing what she asked, as well as pulling from his memory what he already knew he was supposed to do. It was really cool & went by really fast! He's never once had a hard time leaving any of his therapy sessions. When it's time to go he says "bye!", grabs my hand & heads for the door, haha. Only once has he had difficulty starting a therapy session, and that was because he was upset when we arrived. At speech therapy he sits at a table with his therapist for 50 minutes doing therapy. With Angie we only do 30, but it is a much more stimulating room because it's a music studio! She has an array of unique & fun instruments. She allows and teaches him to use them in many different ways.

I'm going to post a few links on here to things that Judah really enjoyed during music therapy, and 2 things he has shown me on the computer that he wants - just to help me remember in the future.
  • He loves Angie's rain stick.

  • 3 Green & Speckled Frogs song is a song that always makes him smile.

Judah talked the entire way to therapy, gazing out at the landscape, screaming when we passed semis (passing semis scares me too), but he was screaming in a fun way. After therapy we drove to Bauman's. He was still fascinated with the landscape and talking. He even pointed out a brightly colored purple house to me by saying, "Purple!" And he was right, it was incredibly purple. I had never seen a house that purple before in my life.

We searched for Papa when we got to Bauman's. "Papa.. where arrre yooo?" he said as we walked around the parking lot & through the gardens. He can say "Papa" perfectly now. He did not run away, was very calm, holding my hand the entire time. After Papa, Sebastian & Willow arrived (Gramma is in San Diego), we all played on the playground. ALL of the kids are now enjoying the huge tube that you can ride in as someone pushes it down the rails. Scott arrived not long after, after driving for an hour and a half because of a traffic jam & getting lost after that. The kids all rode in the wagon while Papa pulled them. We found a place to eat. Sebastian ran around on the grass. Judah ran in a big circle around the greenery on his own. Papa said Judah had never done that before. Sebastian pulled Willow around in the wagon while Judah ate his late lunch. Scott, Papa and Sebastian all snipped some rosemary from the gorgeous rosemary bushes. Sebastian created a pile of gigantic tree limbs to take to Gramma & Papa's. He has an "experiment box" there. He ended up taking only one tree limb, but of course he wanted to keep them ALL. I don't think there would have been room in Dave's car for all of those! :) Willow made me take her down a big tube slide, apparently that was a first for her. Judah is now fearless of the Bauman's tube slides & tunnels. Willow took me to see the animals. She was laughing at the goats, she loved the animals! I made a 50 second video of her admiring, laughing at and playing with a very friendly little goat.

When we got home Scott took Bash down to the park to ride his bike. I cooked a honey, butter baked chicken dish for dinner. No, I'm not lying, I really cooked. I ended up substituting many ingredients (I thought we had them!) and baked the chicken instead of roasting it. It turned out tasting like really good honey, chicken deli meat slices, but unfortunately they were in chicken breast form, haha. It was alright, the taste was interesting. Sebastian ate it, which means I will be cooking it again. We found out recently, after months of trying to get him to eat cooked vegetables, that Sebastian prefers his carrots raw. Hand him raw baby carrots & he will eat them!! He just happened to mention that to me recently, that he only likes "crunchy" carrots.

Tonight was an explosion of kid energy & fun in our house! The kids were not in full force, they were in MEGA full force! Judah would run into Willow, knocking her on the floor & she would get up laughing & chase after him. It was that kind of thing, for HOURS. The kids were extremely happy & playful. They had an awesome evening. But I swear, bedtime could not come soon enough. Being an adult in this chaos was well beyond exhausting!

Judah's interactions tonight were just beautiful. His progress has been flying high all day, even higher than yesterday. I can't explain how this feels as a mom. He is beginning to respond to me. I've been dreaming of him doing that for literally years. He is starting to let us know some of his opinions & likes beyond the things we have known for a long time. Now I can see what makes him laugh. He laughs now, 100 times more than he used to.  Today I saw that he had taught himself how to use the mouse on Scott's computer. He is eager to learn things. And I love, love, love that he has siblings that are his best friends. They are such good friends.

Judah's supplements today.. Folinic acid w/b-12, he took 3 125 mg capsules. 1 tsp fish oil, 1 probiotic, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, ear drops twice, oral antibiotic 3 times (weren't prepared & missed a dose), cream antibiotic 3 times. No bowel movements but acted like he was feeling some pains this evening, seemed minor.


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