Monday, February 24, 2014

Meat Eating Tough Little Girl!

Sebastian told me a story about a girl named Chebella. She's in his class. He said she took him by the hand, then the arm.. "and then she took my whole elbow!" he said. Apparently she was walking him over to an area of their classroom they aren't supposed to play in. A kid started laughing. Sebastian didn't understand what he was laughing at. Chebella said, "Be strong! Be confident!" Sebastian then asked me, "Mom, what does confident mean?" I told him it meant to believe in yourself. Then he says, "Oh never mind, she didn't say that." hahaa

Judah, Willow & I were in the bathroom this morning. Judah was on the toilet & Willow was on the kid potty. As I was helping Judah the dog started barking. She was barking at the guys cleaning our roof. I yelled from the bathroom, "Pixie!!" Then Judah follows that with, "BeHAVE!" He smiled as I smiled at him & laughed. I repeated what he said & laughed some more. I've never heard him say that before. Yay!!!

Today was another awesome day for Judah! Judah answered some questions today for me - he said "no" when I asked him if he knew where his cup was (this was after I gave him a little time - which is important with him). He was patient when he had to wait until we got home to drink his smoothie. He understood what I was telling him (he hadn't eaten much lunch so I'm sure he was hungry). He was patient & well-behaved (all day long) when Sebastian went outside to play with Cooper and he had to wait for quite a while to go out. Willow was also cool & calm. Once outside, Willow & Judah were energized. Judah approached Cooper many times, once repeating "cool!" very clearly after Cooper said "cool". Another time Judah did the "On your mark, get set, go!!!" for Sebastian & Cooper (they hadn't even asked him to). Then Sebastian and Cooper took off and raced down the sidewalk. Judah was able to share Cooper's Matchbox car with him and interacting well. He wasn't wild like last time. Willow was suddenly riding the plasma car like a dare-devil, backwards down the driveway at light speed for a 2 year old, and loving it! So that's great. She did some good swinging in the backyard today too! She remembered exactly how to do it!

Judah's pains got progressively worse throughout the day. He was trying hard to poop a number of times today. I gave him Miralax & Benefiber. Scott gave him another Miralax when he got home. I massaged Judah's belly. Nothing happened. We waited until past bedtime, hoping that something would happen. Unfortunately we ended up having to do an enema. My stomach just goes to knots when I know we are going to have to do one of those. No kid should have to go through that. I hope that vanishes from his memory. We have a referral to OHSU to get some GI help.

Willow gets so super happy, energetic & playful when she is secretly exhausted. The second I lay down with her she is out. It's so weird. Tonight she was dancing on my lap while periodically grabbing handfuls of turkey and stuffing them in her mouth. She's a meat lady for sure. I discovered a cut on her leg. We cleaned it & bandaged it. She was cool as a cucumber, almost fascinated. She took the Band-Aid off to look at her cut a few times. The boys would have been going berserk through all of that! Judah landed on her tonight while she was laying on her stomach. She didn't cry but she did get angry at Judah. She's a meat eating, tough little girl!

We played out in the rain & mud today. Judah was literally laying in the mud, digging & throwing mud into the air. Some landed on Willow's head. She wasn't phased. He does the same with the rocks until I show him how to lay them down. Then he'll do it that way.. for a little while. So anyway, lots of muddy clothes & shoes today.

Cooper came over. We all just assumed it was a delivery person with a package when we heard the doorbell. The kids saw that it was Cooper & suddenly they were attacking me trying to get out the door & play with him. None of them even had shoes on! Cooper & Bastian raced up & down the sidewalk on different riding toys & the bike. Cooper tried hard to convince me that it would be fine to let Sebastian run around the neighborhood with him & to go see his "property". I'm already at the point where I treat that kid like my own.. as far as that stuff goes. I told him that Sebastian's Daddy would come over to meet his parents tonight & then we could do that kind of stuff. Scott did go to meet them tonight. I let Sebastian go to a certain point down the sidewalk, where I could still see him. It was lightly raining the entire time we were outside playing. Judah, Willow & I chased the boys down the sidewalk once, then I kept Judah & Willow in our driveway as they fought hard to escape.

Are we too protective?? Cooper is seven. Sebastian is six.

Sebastian fell on his bike while flying through the yard on the wet grass. He landed with his left leg bent in an uncomfortable position. That scared me. He did not shed a tear & toughed it out - because his friend was there.

Cooper came in & played with Sebastian & Willow in the playroom. Judah had had enough & decided to rest on the couch & watch Sponge Bob. I laid next to him, in complete agreement of his Sponge Bob plan. Apparently Cooper coached Sebastian on karate in the playroom. At one point I heard him tell Sebastian that he wasn't worth his time, and something else really mean. Sebastian asked him what that meant & Cooper gave no answer. Sebastian told him that he thought they were having fun. I'm not sure Cooper even really understood what he was saying. They went right back to playing.. when it started to get dark I had to tell him to leave, quite a few times. He matches Sebastian's energy level & comes close to hitting his volume level. Although Sebastian's shower volume level is a completely different story.

The roofers cleared the moss from our roof, sprayed our whole house with water and blew away all of the scattered mulch & debris that was in our driveway & walkway. They were here for over 4 hours! Supposedly we have a vent on our roof that needs to be stapled, sigh. He asked if we had a leak.. ??!

Sebastian had lunch with Gramma, Subway on the go. She brought him seashells and sand from San Diego. Very cool gift.

Judah had L-carnatine 3mg (I forgot second dose), one probiotic, vitamin d 2000, 3 folinic acid w/b-12 125 mg each, forgot his fish oil, had his oral antibiotic 4 times & his toe cream twice. His toe is looking a lot better, thank goodness. He took Miralax twice & Benefiber once. Had a large liquidy, bloody bowel movement shortly after we gave him an enema. He has a doctor appointment on Wednesday. Blood has worried her in the past, so I'm sure she will have concern (I know I do). This was not a small amount like it had been the last time we talked to her about it. We have a GI referral to OHSU (they just got it in today), hoping to hear from them SOON.

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