Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Momentary Detour

Judah, phenomenal. Recently Judah has woken up as a new boy. Every day he is so different. Today Gramma came over to watch Willow while I took Judah to the doctor. Judah was upset that we had to leave Gramma. This lasted a couple minutes (in the past this would have been much longer & much worse). Then he just turned to sad, and pretty quickly back to understanding that this is just what is happening right now, which is a very mature turn-around for a 4 year old. He does this a lot lately.

When we got back from the doctor Judah looked around for Gramma and seemed surprised that she wasn't there. "Papa!" he said. He's been calling her that lately. I told him it was alright and that I would call Gramma. Instead I just texted her. A few minutes later he said, "call". He wasn't saying "cars"... he was saying "call". I asked him if he wanted me to call Gramma. Then we found her picture on the phone and he said, "Call mamama". I've never heard him try to say Gramma before and he wasn't going back to saying a word that is now easy for him "papa". He was definitely pushing to make this statement clear to me! After Gramma we went through the pictures on my phone & he told me again to "call". He said this many times until I figured out that he was asking me to call "Meemaw", so we did. They were both so touched that he had asked to call them. He's NEVER done that before, huge leap. Over the phone Gramma told him that she was heading back with chips for him, he smiled big, and after he was satisfied that she was coming back he was ready to hang up the phone, haha.

He's saying "I want chips" consistently for fries when I hand him only one or two at a time. I don't even ask him to use a sentence. Judah was thrilled today when I was able to sit down & play with him, one-on-one while Willow ate her snack in the other room. They all played with play-doh on the table together this afternoon, they were all very engaged. Willow took Sebastian's green waffle that he had made & walked away yelling, "Pisssie!! Pisssie!!", looking for the dog. She found Pixie and tried to feed her the green waffle. Pixie politely declined. I finally smartened up and put a plastic tablecloth on the table and underneath the table before they started the play-doh. I'm going to start making the play-doh, their re-used play-doh does not hold up well & I hate picking the little pieces out of the carpet.

Dr visit- She said to keep on antibiotics for toe a few extra days & if it isn't better they would drain it because it is sort of an abscess right now. She told us to do sea salt & tea tree oil baths for him... to buy Bag of Balm cream for him.. prescribed Colace (small dose).. and told us to go to a different pharmacy to fill his magnesium prescription. Our pharmacy has not been able to fill out (they are convinced she is prescribing Milk of Magnesia). This has been an issue for probably over a month. The dr said she has never encountered a problem with this prescription being filled before. We're getting a referral for an EEG per our request for one. She recommended seeing a nutritionist after we told her about the low cholesterol (she knows the other eating issues as well). She recommended adding lentil to his food & any protein we can get in him (to look at vegetarian diets maybe?).  She said OHSU probably won't do a scope (our other referral) because we will probably be seeing a nurse practitioner. This is why her initial referral had been to Legacy, where we would see a doctor. Scott left a message with OHSU - we would prefer them, but they need to give us the option to scope. She didn't seem hugely concerned about the blood in the stool.

I was so distraught & absent-minded after Judah's dr. appointment that I missed a turn somewhere on the drive home. Judah & I were suddenly driving through the countryside! I had no idea where we were. It was a pretty drive though. The look on Judah's face told me that he was wondering where the hell we were as well. He got to see lots of barns & tractors though! :) The GPS led me down a private driveway at one point.. things weren't looking good. But we found our way back. A 20 minute drive home turned into a 45 minute drive home! It was nice though, a momentary detour from life.

Today Willow & Judah took turns throwing their bowls of Rice Chex in different areas of the house. After he threw his second bowl, I told Judah that I couldn't give him any more. He was upset & sad. He started bringing me his empty bowl and his place mat, crying and saying "Check" (Chex). This is a really tough spot because I don't know if he understands why I can't give him more, if he thinks I don't like him and don't want to give him more or if he understands and is truly sorry. After some hugging & soothing, I gave him more. Not long after, I came into the living room only to find Chex all over the floor.. seriously?!?!??! I asked Judah if he had done it.. he very quickly responded, "Nouuh!" He was the only one eating Chex at the time, so I was sure it must have been him, but the quick & confident answer made me question myself. Willow was standing beside me, so I figured to be fair I would ask her if she had done it. She jibber-jabbered for a few seconds and then looked down & said, "Wiwoe did it." This makes me wonder how many times Judah has gotten blamed for someone else's actions. I was very grateful that they were both able to communicate to me what had happened, and it only took a few words! It was an important interaction & clearly reminded me that I can't jump to conclusions with my kids.

Sebastian played with the neighborhood friends today. He helped me clean up the Play-doh (that they only played with shortly due to the expectation that his friends would be over soon). He also cleaned the playroom. These were the 2 things I had asked him to do before playing with his friends. This new friends gig is working out well for me! He'll do anything! ;) This morning he was acting up soooo much. "Time-out" doesn't work for him anymore. Taking away TV time, bike time, etc. is what does the trick. I told him that if he continued he wouldn't be able to see his friends today. WOW. No problems at all after that.

I really wish he would have acted up. His time with his friends today didn't go so well today. He got hit with a basketball in the nose. One of his friend's (Cooper) took him into the forest.. this involved avoiding vines with thorns, spiders, etc. This scared him. He is clear now that he is not allowed to do that. Of course, we weren't expecting him to go into a forest - we had no idea that would need to be a rule! So we told him that if he can't see Cooper's house or our street, it wasn't okay. Scott came up with that on the spot! Nicely done, a very good rule. Hopefully he doesn't think to bring his binoculars, haha. It's just hard for me to be suddenly okay with him crossing the street with kids and playing with kids who ride their bikes in the street. Our street is not a busy street during the day, but people are coming home from work when he is playing.. so there is light traffic. Anyway, his friends told him that he needed to go home after he got hurt playing basketball & brought him home. He was on the verge of tears when he got home - he had been holding it in the entire time he was with them. This was so hard to see.. and sad. I told Cooper that Sebastian would be out later (which obviously he would not). The minute I closed the door poor Bastian broke down.. telling me everything that had happened. He told me, not long after, that he didn't understand why he was crying, that his body just felt like he needed to cry. He's a little kid that may be jumping a couple steps too far with these neighbor friends. Cooper, 7 yrs (the youngest), is more like 10 in the way he acts. The other boy is 9 and has the older sister who plays with them too. It just occurred to me that this is probably the issue, not us sheltering him too much. He wasn't mad at all when I told him tonight that he may not be able to play with Cooper in the future. He's got a good head on his shoulders for a 6 year old!

Sebastian is suddenly reading very well!! I'm just amazed at how far he has suddenly come with that! He reads here with either Scott or myself, & with Gramma when she has him. I told him tonight how proud I was of him for coming so far with his reading & for telling me about everything that happened with his friends today.

Willow kept requesting to play in the backyard today. She LOVES to swing now. She is extremely comfortable with it. After Sebastian came home from playing with his friends, his brother & sister wanted to play outside. I chased all of them in the backyard, I'm sure we all ran through dog poop numerous times. I wanted to do whatever I could to cheer Sebastian up, dog poop was obviously no big deal. Although I did make everyone leave their shoes on the porch! More shoe cleaning tonight. More laundry too.. Judah was laying in the dirt with his cars when we were in the backyard.

Judah really wanted to go outside to play with Sebastian's friends. At least he doesn't do this every time. I had to stop him. Life is so complicated with kids!!!

Judah took 7.5mL L-carnatine, 1 tsp fish oil, oral antibiotic 4 times, cream for toe 3 times, one probiotic, vit d 2000, 3 tablets of 125 mg folinic acid with b-12.. no bowel movements and no pain that I heard or saw. He was understanding, seemed to be answering more questions & doing some of what I asked, still fighting to get him to the bathroom, but he does everything with no prompts at all when he finally goes in. In diaper all day mostly due to what we were doing. I laminated some papers Meemaw had given us for Sebastian a while back - tracing letters. Hopefully we can work on those tomorrow. I also printed up more clothing items & accessories for him to learn. Although his speech therapist at school has switched to having him identify people he knows through pictures.

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