Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sebastian's Secret Passion for Coloring

Daddy came home this evening & found Judah playing on Sebastian's bed. Judah said "Hi Daddy!!"  Then they hugged. This morning Scott said "Bye bye Judah!" and Judah responded, "Bye bye!" Scott said, "Love you!" and Judah said "uuuv you!" (the clearest I've ever heard him say it). I've noticed that his "p" sound is really good now. His enunciation in general is starting to change. I'm starting to hear a difference in his speech. There are the muffled, strange sounding words and the words that are beginning to form clearly. He got irritated when I pushed him to say complete sentences and phrases to me today. It was definitely the "Leave me alone, you know I can do it!" attitude going on.

Judah had one accident the first time I put him in underwear today (this sometimes happens
the first time he goes into underwear during the day). The rest of the day he was dry - and much refusing to go to the bathroom, but I took him regularly.

Willow's facial expressions & actions are getting more & more unique. She likes to play with the dog, making Pixie chase her. She thinks it is hysterical! Tonight she was jumping in the playpen, which has been renovated into a secret hideout/palace for Pixie. She was swinging on the top bar through the side that we cut out, laughing & enjoying herself so much. I asked her if she was having fun. She responded, "Having fun!!" She is extremely happy often - she really loves life. She's not really talking in sentences yet. She repeats a lot of what we say and uses tons of phrases & words on her own. I'm not certain where she should be at this age as far as speaking goes. She's getting close to being able to jump & is definitely running now!!

While I was attempting to use up the rest of the vegetables & fruit left in the fridge to cook dinner (our fridge is almost empty due to being snowed in), I suggested that the kids do some coloring. I covered the table with a plastic picnic tablecloth & put down place mats for them to color on. Why have we never thought to put down a plastic tablecloth?? I scrub food off our table multiple times a day. You'd think covering the table would have occurred to us, but so many, many things don't occur to us until years later. I'm suddenly focused on "functional" in all areas of our home - I'm sure that's why the plastic tablecloth idea finally crept into my head! Our new addition to the table is tacky, red & covered in hearts. Valentine's Day may become a year-round celebration in our house! At least the bold tablecloth is appropriate right now. :)

Back to the coloring. I put out Dora, Cars and Angry Birds coloring pages/books. Willow & Judah didn't color long, but Sebastian sat there for an hour! He suddenly became this calm, mature little guy.. coloring his Angry Birds & asking me how each one looked when he was done. At one point Judah colored over one & Sebastian was in tears, very genuinely sad. How have we never discovered his passion for coloring? He's definitely an inventor - he invents every day. Obviously he's creative - why are we not giving him more opportunities to experience art?? We'll be doing more of that for sure.

Sebastian & I were talking about what to bring for his show & tell. I suggested about 7 different things. My last suggestion was his coloring book - I was halfway kidding. He suddenly became excited saying, "Yeah!!" I told him he could show them all of the birds he had colored. He was filled with anticipation. He had told Scott & I earlier that he wanted to color as soon as he got up. He continued coloring this evening up until we were completely ready for "nite nite", even allowing me to do his job of fixing my bed (which he was in tears over the night before because Daddy had done it). He probably colored for an hour & a half today, easily.

I made a pineapple, apple chicken dish for dinner. I thought it was supposed to take 20 minutes, but it turned out that it needed to be BASTED every 20 minutes. Total cooking time was an hour and 15 minutes, plus prep time. I was looking forward to feeding this to Willow & Sebastian. I definitely need to work on the dinner prep stuff. Scott & I ended up eating ALL of this dish. Much to our surprise, my cooking turned out really good! Unfortunately that means no left-overs for the kids tomorrow. :(

Sebastian played outside in the slush for a little bit.. but the other 2 didn't seem excited about going outside so we just stayed in.

Sebastian took Willow into his room for school today. Another thing I learned today - Willow & Sebastian can hang out in Sebastian/Judah's room and be peaceful for quite some time. It was so great because Judah was on the computer watching a Cars video at the same time! I didn't know what to do with myself! This lasted maybe 30 minutes. 30 minutes of heaven. When they were done Sebastian ran up to me holding a piece of paper with scribbles on both sides & said, "Look at Willow's artwork from school!!" I later suggested to Sebastian that they have school again.. and they did! Apparently they did stretches, counting, art & Sebastian did a floor puzzle that Willow wasn't interested in.

Judah & Willow did puzzles at the table today. They can do the simple animal ones that have only one or two big pieces. Judah really wanted to do the 24 piece Cars puzzle, but it was much too challenging for him. I did it for him. He used it as a racetrack for his cars. :)

All of the kids were dancing this evening when Judah began following Willow around, copying whatever she did. That's something we rarely see! But it didn't last long, Willow didn't like it. :)

We played basketball in the playroom. The kids played in there a lot today. I told Sebastian that the playroom was not going to be hard to clean anymore. He seemed happy. He cleaned it in under 10 minutes today! I'm somewhat certain we can stick with this routine. Once our house is more functional I think we will be much more equipped to keep a schedule for the kids (which they need). It's been hard for Scott & I to follow through with schedules in the past. Anything that will make it easier is a good plan!!

School was cancelled today, as predicted. Scott went to work.

Judah had usual supplements - 7.5 ml L-carnatine, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, probiotic, folinic acid and 1 tsp fish oil. He had one dose of Miralax.

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