Monday, February 17, 2014

Low Cholesterol?

Papa stopped by this morning. The kids were ecstatic about his surprise visit! Judah was very upset when Papa left to get things from his car. I'm assuming that meant he didn't understand what was happening. I held him up so he could look out the window, once Papa was headed back in Judah quickly wiped his tears so Papa would not see. But then Papa tried to leave again - this time to actually leave. Judah was clinging & very upset, which continued on for a bit after Papa left. I wish I knew exactly what was going through Judah's mind. I wish I could reassure him. Sometimes when Gramma & Papa leave he freaks out, sometimes he doesn't seem to care & sometimes he waves goodbye & smiles.

The kids played outside for a while - it was a nice day. Judah rolled down the driveway backwards on the Krazy Kar and accidentally ran into the back of the van. After that he wouldn't touch the Krazy Kar. Physically he seems fine, but he was a bit shocked right after it happened. Sebastian put the sled on top of his scooter & was able to get it going, waving the back of the sled side-to-side, which is how the scooter works. One more invention that works!

After the outside play Judah was not energetic or playful like usual. All he wanted to do was watch SpongeBob. Eventually I turned it off, he would get upset & turn it back on. This went on for quite a while. Something wasn't right. Scott noticed that Judah's big toe was red & swollen. Judah had been wearing shoes all day, so I had not seen this. Scott thinks it's an ingrown toenail. I don't know what an ingrown toenail looks like, but Scott has had experience with this. Scott wants to wait & see if it gets better, but I've decided to call the doctor tomorrow to make sure he doesn't need to be seen.

Judah's labs came back from the naturopath doctor. It looks like his cholesterol is low & triglycerides are high. If any of you know about this stuff, I am happy to send the informative parts of the labs your way to get your take on them. I have copied and pasted the important parts for a peds nurse friend of mine. I'm waiting to hear back. She asked why they would even be checking a kids cholesterol (apparently it's not routine?) & seemed to think if anything it would be high, not low. The doctor's office emailed us the labs this afternoon & said to call. Scott left a message. Hoping to hear back soon. Of course though, I immediately Googled. And the first link I came across was really interesting.. see below.

Judah had usual supplements - 1/2 tsp fish oil (spit other half out), 1 Culterelle probiotic, 2 folinic acid w/b-12, vitamin d 2000 i.u., 7.5mL L-Carnitine. Took ear drops twice - Oflaxin OTC 0.3%, & used Debrox (earwax removal) one time. He kept underwear dry while he had it on. He was noticeably uncomfortable when he needed to use the restroom. Every time I took him to the bathroom today he fought the whole way there, but once we were in he went with no problem.

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