Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sebastian's Daddy Is Making House Calls

What a day!! We stopped only once at the house for a 60 minute lunch break. We never made it home permanently until it was almost dark!

But when we did make it home, Sebastian still had play time left with his friend Cooper. Cooper & Trent (the next new neighborhood pal) were waiting for him. As we got out of the van they were already in our garage! Sebastian told them that he needed to go to the bathroom before he could play. I asked Trent his name. Immediately after he told me he looked at me somewhat confused and said, "His (Sebastian's) dad came to my house last night.. ?" His look was so funny.. confusion & a tiny bit fearful written all over his face.

Scott & Sebastian went to Cooper's house last night to meet Cooper's parents. All went well. Cooper's mom said that Sebastian was welcome there anytime. Sebastian remarked on how he thought it was weird that Cooper was doing homework (he's 7). Scott said, "I was surprised by how big he was!" I said, "Really?? I thought he looked 7." Scott told me that Cooper's mom is a little Asian lady with a funny accent, which made it difficult for Scott to completely understand her.

Back to Trent. I asked him if he was Cooper's brother (assuming so since Scott had gone to Cooper's house). He told me "no". I said, "Oh, he must have gone to the wrong house!!" Scott didn't tell me he had gone to two houses last night, but  he sometimes leaves things out of his stories. But then I started wondering, so I asked Sebastian if they had gone to Cooper's house last night. He said very confidently, "Yes." Cooper was on the other side of the house in the playroom. What harm was there in triple-checking? I asked Cooper if Sebastian's daddy had gone to his house last night. He said, "No" and casually shot his ball into the basketball net. ???

The night before, Cooper had given me very crazy directions to his house, but kept pointing to Trent's house. I now realize that he was pointing in the direction of his house, not at his house. He said to go down the road, turn, go down the alley, reach the gate.. press a call button, walk across a field.. etc.

After Cooper confirmed that Scott & Sebastian had not come to his house last night, I tried to think of a simple question that could be easily answered by a 7 year old, with an answer that would help me understand what was going on. "Cooper, what color is your house?" "Green" he said. Then I realized where he lived, it was around the corner.. where one of the cops on our street lives (or so I had heard). Later I asked him if it was dark green, just to make sure!! The house around the corner is forest green. Cooper said, "No, it's BRIGHT green!!" Then, out of the blue, he was suddenly able to give me human directions to his house.. his dad was not a cop.

I called Scott & told him he went to the wrong house last night. "What???!" he blurted out. "That lady told me it was Cooper's house!!" I asked if he said Cooper's name to her.. he said, "Yes, a few times!" When he got home I told him that he needed to go to a different house tonight & introduce himself to more parents. Again he says, "What?!?" He took Sebastian & a flashlight. They pressed the call button that Cooper had talked about, they journeyed through the big muddy field that Cooper had described, they saw the random barnyard animals that Cooper had mentioned. They got to Cooper's house, covered in mud. A man who looked to be about 50 years old answered the door. This man was Cooper's dad. They told Scott that they tell Cooper to stay within "yelling distance". They also told him he should hear how loud Cooper's gramma can scream! Apparently she is the loudest screamer in the family. It seemed as if Scott & Sebastian had somehow crossed the Oregon border on their journey to Cooper's house, and found themselves in rural Arkansas.

True story.

Judah had an AMAZING day, talking more, understanding well, and just so different! Yet he acts as if he is nearly bored sometimes, as if he has always been able to do these amazing things & is borderline irritated that I am praising him so much.

At the park he basically ignored me after the first 10 minutes of me following him around, constantly on his heels. I definitely got the feeling of, "Leave me alone Mom, I'm fine!!"from him, which will likely be his first combined sentence.

I said halfway to myself, "Now Judah.. where did I put that knife.." and he points to it.

He started to walk towards the kitchen to ask for more chicken, then quickly turned around and went back to get his plate & brought it to me (which he never does, but has done once very recently when I asked him to).

He ran up to Gramma when he saw her, gave her a big hug, held her hand, & was talking to her as they walked around. Totally new.

I told him to go potty, he easily followed me but I couldn't go into the bathroom with him because every kid in the neighborhood was suddenly in my home. I came back to find him fully clothed in the living room.. and there was pee in the potty. He just did it all on his own- totally doesn't need me!

I handed him his pajamas tonight and he said, "No, bath" and walked into the bathroom, standing at the bath. Another first.

He took his antibiotic medicine with ease most of the day, 2 out of 4 times just grabbing it and taking it on his own. One of those times he was in the playroom surrounded by the neighborhood of children. That one he grabbed, took quickly and handed right back to me.. again, I'm annoying him (I think). Giving him this medicine has been a real struggle since we started it 4 days ago. You would have never guessed that today.

Willow & I went to the dollar store after we dropped the boys at school. I am beginning to get obsessed with anything that looks remotely usable for organization purposes. I bought 30 items, not all organization, but quite a few. In the middle of our shopping experience I turned around to see Willow tossing something to the floor that looked to be a small soccer ball. Then CRASH!!!! Yeah, it wasn't a soccer ball. It was a piggy bank! I apologized profusely to the employees as I picked up all of the big pieces. Willow was headed back to another piggy bank right after this happened..?!? Why on earth would you put the piggy banks that look just like sports balls at BABY level! I offered to pay for it (it's the dollar store, who wouldn't!), but she wouldn't let me. I'm so thankful it was the dollar store where she decided to throw a ceramic piggy bank.

Judah did incredible at speech therapy. Willow took part of a nap on their couch after she spilled an entire cup of water on it, uggg!! That doesn't dry in 50 minutes.. they're gonna know!! His therapist didn't care.

After therapy we went to the park to meet Gramma & Sebastian. The kids were WILD. They acted as if they NEVER get to go to the park! Ok, so yah, they rarely get to go to the park.. it was completely justifiable wildness. I could never take Willow & Judah to the park without another adult (or 2). Mom & I were hardly able to watch them for less than an hour! We seriously needed a 3rd adult. At one point Judah jumped off the HIGHEST drop-off they have at that park, barely able to grab onto the pole that was next to the drop-off. He slid down about a foot before I could finally reach him.. and eventually get him off of the pole. There was no one provoking him to do this. Sebastian & Willow weren't even on that play structure!! After that he took me on a walk near the water, running away down the sidewalk every single time I asked him to go back to the playground. We went to take a close look at the train tracks after that. We were there for a long time. I told him he could watch SpongeBob when we got home. That slightly motivated him, he almost started to walk away. Once I mentioned playing Cars on the computer he was able to walk away.. but then made a pit-stop at the carousel. Leaving was hard!! Probably because they never get to go to the park Molly!! I told Scott tonight.. we have to start taking them to the park so they won't be so wild & dangerous when we take them once a year (elaborating).

Sebastian's neighborhood friends are Cooper (7) - a little wild, much freedom (old parents??) & very outspoken. He is overtaking Sebastian's bike. That's the only problem Sebastian has had with him, otherwise they are great. Then there's Trent (9) - very mild & friendly. Trent's older sister Sofia (age?) was here today too, mild as well. She walked around outside with Sebastian for quite a while. He showed her the garden & his rock collection on the porch. Sebastian said they talked about the seasons they liked & "stuff like that". Apparently they both like summer. They were out there for a good while as Trent, Cooper, Willow & Judah played in the playroom.

Judah can slam dunk with one-hand! Like quick!! Our basketball hoop is about a  foot taller than him. He kept up with those boys, easy. Cooper kept calling him "little fella" or something like that. They all seemed to connect. Judah hardly talked, but he was interacting well & very appropriately. At one point I walked in and saw Willow standing in the middle of everyone with Sebastian's gigantic Incredible Hulk hands on, just looking around. Sebastian played outside with his friends until dark. He's completely comfortable & himself with them. It's fun to see.

Judah took 7.5ml L-carnatine, 1 tsp fish oil, 1 probiotic, vitamin d 2000, his oral antibiotic 4 times & his cream for his toe three times (still looks the same). He has a doc apt tomorrow. We'll discuss the toe, blood in stool, constipation, referral for scope - already done, his progress.. we have a lot to talk about, jeez! It may turn out to be longer than the usual 1 hour "check-up" visit! I seriously do want to bring a recorder, she talks so fast.. information just flies around the room and we aren't able to catch half of it.

Cute Sebastian anecdote courtesy of Gramma - Sebastian told me today as he reworked the entire train table track that he was the train master. I encouraged him to say more and he told me a "secret" because he trusts me. (here I am blabbing so shhh...). The trains come alive and talk to him when no one else is around. He was quite serious so I kept a straight face, of course. He built a beautiful setting with trains artfully displayed and I left the room so he could listen to them. : )

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